Monday, 18 April 2016

How to know about love marriage through palmistry

The love marriage relationship between a couple is one of the most cherished and significant milestone for a native. In palmistry the love compatibility is ascertainable from marriage line in palm of hands. This marriage line is usually cutting percussion horizontally on side of hand where it is between line of heart and base of fourth finger penetrating slightly into mount of mercury. Many hands show love match marriage lines which develop late. This line is seen on left side of hands across front of mount of mercury. These lines are also called lines of union or lines of affection in palm readings which are situated at base of little finger and heart line.

The marriage line for love match when at center of mount then there is union which is in mid twenties, then line is placed three quarters above mount which could be between 20 to mid 30 and so on. A wealthy and happy marriage from love match is shown from strong and well marked line from side of line of fate next to Luna. Line for love match marriage on Mount of Mercury should be straight without breaks, crosses or irregularities.

The following indicates love compatibility from the line length. A longer line for marriage line in palm of hands shows long relationship. A sloping marriage line towards heart line indicates sudden death of partner. A gradual slope of line towards heart line indicates spouse would die after lingering illness. A love compatibility from line with upwards curve indicates native is single throughout or marries in old age. In this marriage line if the proximity to heart line is nearer then there is early marriage. Nearest the midpoint between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line indicates a late marriage. A deep color is making better the relationship from marriage. However the line shouldn't be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship and a dwindling of affection leading to no love compatibility. Marriage line with moderately deep furrow is just a legal union or arranged by families. Given the marriage lines if it shows break then there is separation, death or divorce. If the marriage lines shows broken but overlaying fragments it is separation followed by reunion. Sometimes a second marriage between the two is indicated, or a love affair which takes long time to end up in a matrimonial relation. Too many lines crossing the palm all over shows a wife leading her husband or vice versa for evil purposes.

When the line is distinct, but with fine hair lines dropping from it toward the heart line, it foretells trouble brought about by illness and bad health of the person the subject marries.
When the line droops with a small cross over the curve, the person the subject is married to may die by accidents or sudden death may also occur. When the line has an island in the center or on any portion of the line, it indicates that there will be some great trouble in married life leading to separation. When the line breaks in two, it denotes sudden break-off in married life.
When a fine line runs almost parallel with the marriage line thus touching it, it foretells an extra-marital affair.


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