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Own Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity

Own Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity
Under astrological signs and planetary horoscopes predictions you can gain a number of advantages to life and prosperity. Foremost amongst these is use of a yantra. A yantra is geometric design engraving on metal plate like copper, gold, solver etc. This can invoke energies of specific deity for worships of wealth. In order to gain lot of material and spiritual benefits you could associate yourself to a particular deity and purchase particular yantra. There is plethora of design of yantra for deities and worshipper meditates on an energized one as prescribed by competent astrologer, then it has ability to absorb and retain a lot of energy.  

It is a kind of powerful holy symbol for tangible benefits by meditating on mantra inherent in yantra itself. This creates positive energy with active power fields to harness and radiate it to worshipper, wearer or environment. Yantra in the vedic context is a Sanskrit word which indicates to control or hold or fasten. In yet another meaning it implies historical diagram said to have magical powers. Yantra is also a focal point which is like a window to liberation or abstract absolute. Whenever a person focuses on the yantra he or she has calm or silent mind. An ardent worshipper can get near to godliness by meditating on yantra. This is provided to be gainful to all those individuals who are not so spiritually inclined. People who wish for gains and riches can also use yantra for long lasting wealth. These are designed for specific deity and tapping into energies of deity of choice and gain blessings they have to offer. For instance, if it is wealth that you wish to acquire, you need to worship a Yantra designed to propitiate Kuber, the God of wealth, work and money

Kuber had been a simple man in Indian Hindu mythology who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He worshipped for many years and when Lord Shiva was pleased he granted him the custody of all wealth in world as per his desire. As a person who lived with modest means he was thrilled with boon and unknowingly he became greedy which made wealth go into his head. He wanted more. He also forgot he was a caretaker and not owner. When Lord Shiva found this he sent his son Lord Ganesha to feast arranged by Kuber to teach him a lesson. Lord Ganesha arrived before any other God arrived and ate everything in the feast. Unfortunately not satisfied he ate up all accumulated wealth and palace and then as he prepared to eat Kuber Lord Shiva appeared and made Kuber realise greed and its folly. Kuber made sincere apologies and vowed to never misuse power. Then upon he was known as God of wealth and by praying to him sincerely, you can gain wealth and prosperity.
Meditate using Kuber Mantra 
By placing yantra on platform or wall facing North or East with centre of yantra as same level as eyes. Sit with a comfortable posture with spine straight. Purify the yantra before starting prayer by lighting an incense stick which would take care of environment positives and negatives. Start with breathing deeply and slowly while looking into centre of Yantra without worrying too much about details of yantra. Focus on chanting mantra as also meditating with yantra. The Kuber mantra has ever been following chant; “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha”. When you chant like this an individual is able to gain wealth and success. Forr better results chant mantra a minimum of 21 times and maximum of 108 times a day. DO this exercise for minimum of about 5 to 20 minutes everyday. When meditating on Yantra one can maintain aspirations and intense longing for experiencing beneficial energies of Kuber  Yantra.

Benefits of worshipping Kuber Yantra 
The yantra is a small metal plate on which a geometric design is inscribed to propitiate Lord of wealth, work and money Kuber. The total of each row and column is a Kuber yantra is 72 which is a strong number denoting prosperity. Any person can buy it though it is difficult for many to ensure it is properly energized. Whether it is good or genuine, it can have adverse effects. By worshipping the yantra one can not only benefit from wealth but also regain wealth which was lost. The Kuber yantra can be installed to prove luck and prosperity in home or in office. It is very powerful and can definitely change cash and wealth to anyone. Though one must remember that it is certainly not get rich quick formula, this yantra is to be consistently and from great discipline be prescribed by master or qualified astrologer of high skills and reputation. An individual must be careful to not become greedy or amass wealth by the wrong methods as it could lead to problems of mantra, energy and health.

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