Thursday, 21 April 2016

Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility

Cancer and Leo is a couple defined for best compatibility and a great relationship. While both the signs are best for relationship they would also not hinder love in relation. Cancer and Leo signs dissolve in desire and passion of love sooner or later.

Cancer compatibility thrives on revealing their sincere concern and tending to the emotional needs. Leo compatibility appreciates this while feeling threatened from lack of showiness. Leo would find mood swings disconcerting while being loyal and show flirty nature for need to feel attractive. Cancer would find indirect approach in love to be confusing for their frank and direct approach. Leo is ruled by Sun and Cancer by Moon. These are two different signs and planets. Since both signs do not share same modality and element, this results in less sharing, difference in love making. With tolerance the relationship works well for cancer and Leo compatibility.

There is an enormous attraction between the signs. Both the signs need plenty of reassurance and warm expressions for satisfaction. Cancer appreciates Leo with their sincere warmth, admiration and enthusiasm for best Leo compatibility. Cancer compatibility eventually tries to make Leo feel special. Cancer signs are sensitive, emotional and intuitive, and the Leo compatibility increases with potential rewards for both. Challenge for Leo compatibility rests on how well they are able to keep the cancer moodiness. Leo would cheer the Cancer though difficulty is from determining when Cancer requires empathy than sunshine. Cancer compatibility would thrive on optimism and goodness but only thus far. Cancer expects the Leo to relate, or sympathize for their sufferings, while Leo compatibility is not made for this.

Money would be an issue later in this match. Both cancer and Leo like public displays of affection. There is good sexual chemistry initially so early days are best. Leo compatibility would thrive on best times when Cancer is highly attentive to needs. Though Leo must not take many expectations as the cancer can turn off their nurturing. Both the signs have different attitudes hurting their pride. Leo compatibility works well as they want to be leader and cancer is a faithful follower. This love match could become marriage. In stress, Leo compatibility shows signs of stubbornness and opinionated. Cancer is likely to be persistent initiator of plans and Leo would channelize their energy and work effectively to move plans to completion. Cancer compatibility would thrive on calm and stable lifestyle with no need for glamour or acclaim. Leo compatibility would love to shake things and embrace unexpected and novel things. Without committing to emotional needs both the signs devote completely to one another. They would usually find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride by not making their love intentions clearer. Cancer compatibility would not be able to belie their shell and is controlling of the couple with Leo compatibility.

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