Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Generate Goodwill from Planned Career Horoscope!

Everyone who is someone in the city or town wants more of career. They intend for planning yearlong effort in bringing fame, prosperity, health in their homes. Changing seasons of the year bring more hope and they pray for everything they want or desire from lifestyle. A month horoscope is one of the many alternatives to those who are not having much hope. This astrology horoscope is based on the birth date, time and planetary positions which comprise the planets and moon. The zodiac signs and star signs position and location is able to seek what we intend to find in terms of hope, career and love.

The best part of monthly career horoscope is that an individual can gain a lot of development progress and high standard of living by making true his or her career success. This can happen from monthly horoscope, gaining prediction of future career prospects, planning ahead of tme to set the right tone in terms of friends, office, colleagues and maintaining right conduct in all situations. The horoscope reveals all your negative and positive character traits as also highlights the wrong and weak areas in your personality. In a way you might feel undaunted with the career already been prospective for you. Though no one knows how your career would shape once you set forth. So career development can happen when you take the right step, but using career monthly horoscope is the alternative to take when the opportunity of interview, education choice, choice of career is to be made. People are more confident of friends and family which is true though it is a decision which must be taken with care and determination.

Career horoscope for career progress and love are high in quality. These get used more often nowadays as they are available for small fee, easily over the internet as well as have a greater incidence of authentic reliable predictions. The monthly horoscope is best with the weekly one. Using horoscope predictions just before choosing your career in this way is best possible answer. In a way the problem of being too late is avoided, the use of horoscope weekly with monthly forecast makes sure you stay ahead with predictions of month staying true with weekly forecast, allowing you more confidence on your own developments in career, love and health or money.

Monthly and year wise horoscope prepared by expert astrologers are available over the internet at a small cost and have good quality. In other words the astrologers who invest more time in finding answers to your trouble of love, career or love relationships must indeed be evaluated for gaining goodwill and true friends.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Own Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity

Own Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity
Under astrological signs and planetary horoscopes predictions you can gain a number of advantages to life and prosperity. Foremost amongst these is use of a yantra. A yantra is geometric design engraving on metal plate like copper, gold, solver etc. This can invoke energies of specific deity for worships of wealth. In order to gain lot of material and spiritual benefits you could associate yourself to a particular deity and purchase particular yantra. There is plethora of design of yantra for deities and worshipper meditates on an energized one as prescribed by competent astrologer, then it has ability to absorb and retain a lot of energy.  

It is a kind of powerful holy symbol for tangible benefits by meditating on mantra inherent in yantra itself. This creates positive energy with active power fields to harness and radiate it to worshipper, wearer or environment. Yantra in the vedic context is a Sanskrit word which indicates to control or hold or fasten. In yet another meaning it implies historical diagram said to have magical powers. Yantra is also a focal point which is like a window to liberation or abstract absolute. Whenever a person focuses on the yantra he or she has calm or silent mind. An ardent worshipper can get near to godliness by meditating on yantra. This is provided to be gainful to all those individuals who are not so spiritually inclined. People who wish for gains and riches can also use yantra for long lasting wealth. These are designed for specific deity and tapping into energies of deity of choice and gain blessings they have to offer. For instance, if it is wealth that you wish to acquire, you need to worship a Yantra designed to propitiate Kuber, the God of wealth, work and money

Kuber had been a simple man in Indian Hindu mythology who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He worshipped for many years and when Lord Shiva was pleased he granted him the custody of all wealth in world as per his desire. As a person who lived with modest means he was thrilled with boon and unknowingly he became greedy which made wealth go into his head. He wanted more. He also forgot he was a caretaker and not owner. When Lord Shiva found this he sent his son Lord Ganesha to feast arranged by Kuber to teach him a lesson. Lord Ganesha arrived before any other God arrived and ate everything in the feast. Unfortunately not satisfied he ate up all accumulated wealth and palace and then as he prepared to eat Kuber Lord Shiva appeared and made Kuber realise greed and its folly. Kuber made sincere apologies and vowed to never misuse power. Then upon he was known as God of wealth and by praying to him sincerely, you can gain wealth and prosperity.
Meditate using Kuber Mantra 
By placing yantra on platform or wall facing North or East with centre of yantra as same level as eyes. Sit with a comfortable posture with spine straight. Purify the yantra before starting prayer by lighting an incense stick which would take care of environment positives and negatives. Start with breathing deeply and slowly while looking into centre of Yantra without worrying too much about details of yantra. Focus on chanting mantra as also meditating with yantra. The Kuber mantra has ever been following chant; “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha”. When you chant like this an individual is able to gain wealth and success. Forr better results chant mantra a minimum of 21 times and maximum of 108 times a day. DO this exercise for minimum of about 5 to 20 minutes everyday. When meditating on Yantra one can maintain aspirations and intense longing for experiencing beneficial energies of Kuber  Yantra.

Benefits of worshipping Kuber Yantra 
The yantra is a small metal plate on which a geometric design is inscribed to propitiate Lord of wealth, work and money Kuber. The total of each row and column is a Kuber yantra is 72 which is a strong number denoting prosperity. Any person can buy it though it is difficult for many to ensure it is properly energized. Whether it is good or genuine, it can have adverse effects. By worshipping the yantra one can not only benefit from wealth but also regain wealth which was lost. The Kuber yantra can be installed to prove luck and prosperity in home or in office. It is very powerful and can definitely change cash and wealth to anyone. Though one must remember that it is certainly not get rich quick formula, this yantra is to be consistently and from great discipline be prescribed by master or qualified astrologer of high skills and reputation. An individual must be careful to not become greedy or amass wealth by the wrong methods as it could lead to problems of mantra, energy and health.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Studying Vedic and Western Astrology

Vedic astrology is supposed to be dated from ancient times supported by Indian Holy Scriptures or Vedas which are also probably the oldest text of the world written about 5000 to 8000 years ago. Western astrology is also developed at almost a similar time 2000 to 3000 years ago by the civilizations of the Greeks and Babylonians.

On the other hand, Western astrology is about relationships between Sun and Earth. Approaching the subject this way, the belief is about Sun being the centre of Solar system, which implies Sun is dominating body to Earth than other celestial bodies. There are numerous important aspects to the Western astrology charts. Predictions about future are based using Sun and Earth tropics like Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. March 22 is date when day and night are of equal time period. When we use January 1, it is the Roman year while West astrology accepts March 22 as start of the year. Thus, Aries is to be the sign starting from start of year according to Western astrology, and the latter signs following it.

Unlike West astrology, Vedic astrology is different. The standards to depict the start and end of a year are not present. This science is based effectively on stars positioning and planets with specificnature of their relations. Signs are required to get shifted to one day previous to enable logic of astrology, in the case of “equinoxes” shifting by 50 seconds a year due to Earth’s rotation and revolution. This, therefore, makes Vedic astrology more accurate.

Vedic astrology is somewhat deeper and more accurate than the West astrology. This follows in the executions of astrology functions. While with Western astrology the stress is about psychological traits of individual than the future prediction. Unlike West, Vedic astrology also emphasizes psychological trait, though it is equally effective for forecasting events of the coming time.  Vedic astrology is benefitting the transparent views of individual Karmic tendencies which lead to direct assessment of sins and virtue. Therefore, one could better tell how the different situations in the future could probably arise from different time of person’s life.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Astrology predicts partner uniqueness and quality

Astrological horoscope charts and science is able to decipher the best trait of your partner. The partner qualities and uniqueness is also predictable to a large extent. Using this in your search for unique partner is advantageous.

Aries:    Aries man is a person who is dignified and also reflecting an image of macho. Though this gives him the air to show his calibre, strength and leadership, he is essentially of a typical fire sign. You would recognize the passion and temper, easier. Also, give time and scope for space to cool through & he is also fun loving in no less time.

Taurus: A Taurus man likes his routine for the maximum time. He is of an earthly nature with like for sensuality in way of dressing and presentability. He is a person who would appreciate efforts in home making. Although he is traditional, he cannot accept too many changes at once, while becoming convinced easily to change mind could be termed as a weak spot.

 Gemini: Gemini man is a complete talk about person. He is naturally very good with learning new things, and likes the people around him to have good food for thought. This is an air sign so the fact is he has problem to fit in or sit still which takes time rather.

Cancer:   The man of cancer sign is evidently proving a deep connect to female side. He is absolutely eager to bring or make you feel at home, ready to make things steadier on your side without any hassle. He is one to share feelings well, while having an imaginative look into their lifestyles. Usually such individuals are mood based, taking time to express emotions as well as in moving ahead quick.

Leo:  Look through for good times and evidently for Leo individuals. This person is one to party hard with while having fun based approach to life. This is also a romantic type of individual with lots of affection.  He is expecting to get an attraction on with the other side and works hard on it. He would not take rest till he gets the spotlight attraction.

Virgo: This person under Virgo sign is a complete services based individual. He is the person who would take care of every practical concern in your life, add also things which make life as much better. He also likes cleanliness, critical appraise of room and lifestyle. Though, he can come out of the critic eye in just few seconds.

Libra:   A Libra man is completely relationship based. He is sure of running everything smoothly. So as a person liking romance, he would expect to make you feel special and wanted with appreciations. Though the conflict avoiding nature is sometimes tough to know it is so with feeling of expressions also.

Scorpio:  Scorpio men are having great intensity of love relationship while seeking to understand depth in love. They are passion filled and delve beneath the surface in mysteries. He is a person who would become jealous though if partner shows patience he would get around without any side-effects.

:   The Sagittarius man is one who enjoys life with keen humorous sense he is almost legendary. He is full of wit and adventure prefers travel. From shying away from commitment to finding a stable relation he is sure to amaze you.

Capricorn:   Stability and commitment liking the Capricorn man likes planning ahead with goals. Though an excellent provider he is sure to make feeling of safety to delve deeper. He is proficient in saying what he feels so he tries to lighten loads with wit and laughter.

 Aquarius :  The Aquarius man is teeming with life and experimentation. Always a humanitarian he is bound to love life with friends. He is sure to get excited and interesting with something unique to share with everyone. Though he is always sure to not to get distracted completely.

Pisces:   The Pisces male is compassion filled and imaginative. He is sensitive and inspiring to everyone around him. He can be a bit scary at times though you can get him to be his normal self again.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Are Astrology and Horoscope predictions worthwhile?

Lifestyle of cities is enriched with quality education and knowledge of people. Individuals meet their livelihood in work and expect to have a comfortable life ahead. Future is always unknown with risks and other events which are unforeseeable. A horoscope allows one to know or make predictions about future. It is based on planetary positions to guide the human’s, as their behaviour is influenced from stellar bodies and their phases. It provides essential tips on likely events so that individuals can decide future course of action which makes the future more secure. These predictions using horoscope are made by astrologers and the science is astrology. The use of horoscopes in predictions dates to at least five thousand years ago. Any individual can use horoscope predictions for better future and safe ventures in family or business.

Specialized predictions of famous astrologers can work wonders for your future. Horoscope predictions about career, life partner, finance, gains and other categories are frequently made and posted in newspapers, magazines, books etc. These horoscopes can be weekly, monthly, and yearly as per the guidance of the astrologer. On the other hand, Career astrology depicts the certainty of future in terms of profit and loss. Using horoscopes has become easier as the internet is cheaper and it is less costly to make a horoscope as well as utilize for making future life and its situations easier to manage.

Love horoscopes can be good for making future life partner decisions. These horoscopes are available readily when they provide information or details on compatibility between two people. The charts from birth native place and time infuse more confidence as the love horoscope contains guidance on match, preferences, typical behaviour patterns and habits of the two individuals. Many websites offer the best astrology predictions from famous astrologists of world. There is real difference to life and love when you are able to use predictions to your benefit. is a best website for love prediction and horoscope for your love partner search and provides effective details on characteristic future events and in true partner search.