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Generate Goodwill from Planned Career Horoscope!

Everyone who is someone in the city or town wants more of career. They intend for planning yearlong effort in bringing fame, prosperity, health in their homes. Changing seasons of the year bring more hope and they pray for everything they want or desire from lifestyle. A month horoscope is one of the many alternatives to those who are not having much hope. This astrology horoscope is based on the birth date, time and planetary positions which comprise the planets and moon. The zodiac signs and star signs position and location is able to seek what we intend to find in terms of hope, career and love.

The best part of monthly career horoscope is that an individual can gain a lot of development progress and high standard of living by making true his or her career success. This can happen from monthly horoscope, gaining prediction of future career prospects, planning ahead of tme to set the right tone in terms of friends, office, colleagues and maintaining right conduct in all situations. The horoscope reveals all your negative and positive character traits as also highlights the wrong and weak areas in your personality. In a way you might feel undaunted with the career already been prospective for you. Though no one knows how your career would shape once you set forth. So career development can happen when you take the right step, but using career monthly horoscope is the alternative to take when the opportunity of interview, education choice, choice of career is to be made. People are more confident of friends and family which is true though it is a decision which must be taken with care and determination.

Career horoscope for career progress and love are high in quality. These get used more often nowadays as they are available for small fee, easily over the internet as well as have a greater incidence of authentic reliable predictions. The monthly horoscope is best with the weekly one. Using horoscope predictions just before choosing your career in this way is best possible answer. In a way the problem of being too late is avoided, the use of horoscope weekly with monthly forecast makes sure you stay ahead with predictions of month staying true with weekly forecast, allowing you more confidence on your own developments in career, love and health or money.

Monthly and year wise horoscope prepared by expert astrologers are available over the internet at a small cost and have good quality. In other words the astrologers who invest more time in finding answers to your trouble of love, career or love relationships must indeed be evaluated for gaining goodwill and true friends.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Own Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity

Own Kuber Yantra for wealth and prosperity
Under astrological signs and planetary horoscopes predictions you can gain a number of advantages to life and prosperity. Foremost amongst these is use of a yantra. A yantra is geometric design engraving on metal plate like copper, gold, solver etc. This can invoke energies of specific deity for worships of wealth. In order to gain lot of material and spiritual benefits you could associate yourself to a particular deity and purchase particular yantra. There is plethora of design of yantra for deities and worshipper meditates on an energized one as prescribed by competent astrologer, then it has ability to absorb and retain a lot of energy.  

It is a kind of powerful holy symbol for tangible benefits by meditating on mantra inherent in yantra itself. This creates positive energy with active power fields to harness and radiate it to worshipper, wearer or environment. Yantra in the vedic context is a Sanskrit word which indicates to control or hold or fasten. In yet another meaning it implies historical diagram said to have magical powers. Yantra is also a focal point which is like a window to liberation or abstract absolute. Whenever a person focuses on the yantra he or she has calm or silent mind. An ardent worshipper can get near to godliness by meditating on yantra. This is provided to be gainful to all those individuals who are not so spiritually inclined. People who wish for gains and riches can also use yantra for long lasting wealth. These are designed for specific deity and tapping into energies of deity of choice and gain blessings they have to offer. For instance, if it is wealth that you wish to acquire, you need to worship a Yantra designed to propitiate Kuber, the God of wealth, work and money

Kuber had been a simple man in Indian Hindu mythology who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He worshipped for many years and when Lord Shiva was pleased he granted him the custody of all wealth in world as per his desire. As a person who lived with modest means he was thrilled with boon and unknowingly he became greedy which made wealth go into his head. He wanted more. He also forgot he was a caretaker and not owner. When Lord Shiva found this he sent his son Lord Ganesha to feast arranged by Kuber to teach him a lesson. Lord Ganesha arrived before any other God arrived and ate everything in the feast. Unfortunately not satisfied he ate up all accumulated wealth and palace and then as he prepared to eat Kuber Lord Shiva appeared and made Kuber realise greed and its folly. Kuber made sincere apologies and vowed to never misuse power. Then upon he was known as God of wealth and by praying to him sincerely, you can gain wealth and prosperity.
Meditate using Kuber Mantra 
By placing yantra on platform or wall facing North or East with centre of yantra as same level as eyes. Sit with a comfortable posture with spine straight. Purify the yantra before starting prayer by lighting an incense stick which would take care of environment positives and negatives. Start with breathing deeply and slowly while looking into centre of Yantra without worrying too much about details of yantra. Focus on chanting mantra as also meditating with yantra. The Kuber mantra has ever been following chant; “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha”. When you chant like this an individual is able to gain wealth and success. Forr better results chant mantra a minimum of 21 times and maximum of 108 times a day. DO this exercise for minimum of about 5 to 20 minutes everyday. When meditating on Yantra one can maintain aspirations and intense longing for experiencing beneficial energies of Kuber  Yantra.

Benefits of worshipping Kuber Yantra 
The yantra is a small metal plate on which a geometric design is inscribed to propitiate Lord of wealth, work and money Kuber. The total of each row and column is a Kuber yantra is 72 which is a strong number denoting prosperity. Any person can buy it though it is difficult for many to ensure it is properly energized. Whether it is good or genuine, it can have adverse effects. By worshipping the yantra one can not only benefit from wealth but also regain wealth which was lost. The Kuber yantra can be installed to prove luck and prosperity in home or in office. It is very powerful and can definitely change cash and wealth to anyone. Though one must remember that it is certainly not get rich quick formula, this yantra is to be consistently and from great discipline be prescribed by master or qualified astrologer of high skills and reputation. An individual must be careful to not become greedy or amass wealth by the wrong methods as it could lead to problems of mantra, energy and health.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Studying Vedic and Western Astrology

Vedic astrology is supposed to be dated from ancient times supported by Indian Holy Scriptures or Vedas which are also probably the oldest text of the world written about 5000 to 8000 years ago. Western astrology is also developed at almost a similar time 2000 to 3000 years ago by the civilizations of the Greeks and Babylonians.

On the other hand, Western astrology is about relationships between Sun and Earth. Approaching the subject this way, the belief is about Sun being the centre of Solar system, which implies Sun is dominating body to Earth than other celestial bodies. There are numerous important aspects to the Western astrology charts. Predictions about future are based using Sun and Earth tropics like Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. March 22 is date when day and night are of equal time period. When we use January 1, it is the Roman year while West astrology accepts March 22 as start of the year. Thus, Aries is to be the sign starting from start of year according to Western astrology, and the latter signs following it.

Unlike West astrology, Vedic astrology is different. The standards to depict the start and end of a year are not present. This science is based effectively on stars positioning and planets with specificnature of their relations. Signs are required to get shifted to one day previous to enable logic of astrology, in the case of “equinoxes” shifting by 50 seconds a year due to Earth’s rotation and revolution. This, therefore, makes Vedic astrology more accurate.

Vedic astrology is somewhat deeper and more accurate than the West astrology. This follows in the executions of astrology functions. While with Western astrology the stress is about psychological traits of individual than the future prediction. Unlike West, Vedic astrology also emphasizes psychological trait, though it is equally effective for forecasting events of the coming time.  Vedic astrology is benefitting the transparent views of individual Karmic tendencies which lead to direct assessment of sins and virtue. Therefore, one could better tell how the different situations in the future could probably arise from different time of person’s life.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Astrology predicts partner uniqueness and quality

Astrological horoscope charts and science is able to decipher the best trait of your partner. The partner qualities and uniqueness is also predictable to a large extent. Using this in your search for unique partner is advantageous.

Aries:    Aries man is a person who is dignified and also reflecting an image of macho. Though this gives him the air to show his calibre, strength and leadership, he is essentially of a typical fire sign. You would recognize the passion and temper, easier. Also, give time and scope for space to cool through & he is also fun loving in no less time.

Taurus: A Taurus man likes his routine for the maximum time. He is of an earthly nature with like for sensuality in way of dressing and presentability. He is a person who would appreciate efforts in home making. Although he is traditional, he cannot accept too many changes at once, while becoming convinced easily to change mind could be termed as a weak spot.

 Gemini: Gemini man is a complete talk about person. He is naturally very good with learning new things, and likes the people around him to have good food for thought. This is an air sign so the fact is he has problem to fit in or sit still which takes time rather.

Cancer:   The man of cancer sign is evidently proving a deep connect to female side. He is absolutely eager to bring or make you feel at home, ready to make things steadier on your side without any hassle. He is one to share feelings well, while having an imaginative look into their lifestyles. Usually such individuals are mood based, taking time to express emotions as well as in moving ahead quick.

Leo:  Look through for good times and evidently for Leo individuals. This person is one to party hard with while having fun based approach to life. This is also a romantic type of individual with lots of affection.  He is expecting to get an attraction on with the other side and works hard on it. He would not take rest till he gets the spotlight attraction.

Virgo: This person under Virgo sign is a complete services based individual. He is the person who would take care of every practical concern in your life, add also things which make life as much better. He also likes cleanliness, critical appraise of room and lifestyle. Though, he can come out of the critic eye in just few seconds.

Libra:   A Libra man is completely relationship based. He is sure of running everything smoothly. So as a person liking romance, he would expect to make you feel special and wanted with appreciations. Though the conflict avoiding nature is sometimes tough to know it is so with feeling of expressions also.

Scorpio:  Scorpio men are having great intensity of love relationship while seeking to understand depth in love. They are passion filled and delve beneath the surface in mysteries. He is a person who would become jealous though if partner shows patience he would get around without any side-effects.

:   The Sagittarius man is one who enjoys life with keen humorous sense he is almost legendary. He is full of wit and adventure prefers travel. From shying away from commitment to finding a stable relation he is sure to amaze you.

Capricorn:   Stability and commitment liking the Capricorn man likes planning ahead with goals. Though an excellent provider he is sure to make feeling of safety to delve deeper. He is proficient in saying what he feels so he tries to lighten loads with wit and laughter.

 Aquarius :  The Aquarius man is teeming with life and experimentation. Always a humanitarian he is bound to love life with friends. He is sure to get excited and interesting with something unique to share with everyone. Though he is always sure to not to get distracted completely.

Pisces:   The Pisces male is compassion filled and imaginative. He is sensitive and inspiring to everyone around him. He can be a bit scary at times though you can get him to be his normal self again.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Are Astrology and Horoscope predictions worthwhile?

Lifestyle of cities is enriched with quality education and knowledge of people. Individuals meet their livelihood in work and expect to have a comfortable life ahead. Future is always unknown with risks and other events which are unforeseeable. A horoscope allows one to know or make predictions about future. It is based on planetary positions to guide the human’s, as their behaviour is influenced from stellar bodies and their phases. It provides essential tips on likely events so that individuals can decide future course of action which makes the future more secure. These predictions using horoscope are made by astrologers and the science is astrology. The use of horoscopes in predictions dates to at least five thousand years ago. Any individual can use horoscope predictions for better future and safe ventures in family or business.

Specialized predictions of famous astrologers can work wonders for your future. Horoscope predictions about career, life partner, finance, gains and other categories are frequently made and posted in newspapers, magazines, books etc. These horoscopes can be weekly, monthly, and yearly as per the guidance of the astrologer. On the other hand, Career astrology depicts the certainty of future in terms of profit and loss. Using horoscopes has become easier as the internet is cheaper and it is less costly to make a horoscope as well as utilize for making future life and its situations easier to manage.

Love horoscopes can be good for making future life partner decisions. These horoscopes are available readily when they provide information or details on compatibility between two people. The charts from birth native place and time infuse more confidence as the love horoscope contains guidance on match, preferences, typical behaviour patterns and habits of the two individuals. Many websites offer the best astrology predictions from famous astrologists of world. There is real difference to life and love when you are able to use predictions to your benefit. is a best website for love prediction and horoscope for your love partner search and provides effective details on characteristic future events and in true partner search.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The astrological approach for succeeding in a job interview exclusively revealed

The astrological approach for succeeding in a job interview exclusively revealed

With the global economy slumping down, embarking a decent job chance remains an enormous opportunity for anyone looking for a job! If you're additionally queued up for an employment interview, you'll guarantee your probabilities of succeeding within the interview just by following the suggestions and recommendation given by an expert astrologer. Following are the tips and secrets on some pseudoscience and its recommendation which support your zodiac sign to make sure touching the right twine throughout your interviews and presumably rating the task.

Bear in mind that your zeal and your capabilities are your biggest strength, therefore put your best foot forward in your interviews and let the interviewers identify these qualities of yours. However, ensure that you do not behave overconfident during the interview, as it may send a wrong picture across. It is a  good idea to perform some breathing exercises or some kind of light exercises prior to your interview, so that you feel relaxed during it.

 Tolerance and practicality ensure your capability of performing any job well. However, you're laid back perspective and prominent lack of vitality may go against you. Therefore make certain that you show keenness and enthusiasm in the work you are applying for. Additionally, your extra intuitiveness for details may go against you sometimes and it is smart to make sure that you simply don’t sound candidly thorough going.

Your versatility and promptness enables you to become an apt choice for any job. However, your restlessness and nervousness could destroy the day. It is good to de-stress your body and mind both prior to the interview. Spending some time in a spa would relax your nerves before the interview day. Your eagerness and energy would convey it all, therefore do not plead in front of your employer or interviewer to sell yourself.

 Your dexterity and capabilities make you to emerge as a knight having the courage and the ability both. However, you prefer to stay within your shell. Therefore, to hit that job interview, you need to let your capabilities and strengths be shown strongly. Meditating for some time prior to the interview will help in this regard.

Determination and creativeness are the characteristics of your personality which ensure that you stand out everywhere. You must use these strengths of yours and show your interviewers that you make the best candidate for the job. However, be careful of not coming out as an over-confident person, hence, take a balanced approach and let your interviewer understand as how he can make use of your potential. You must understand that your interviewer is searching for an appropriate candidate and you match the requisite the most.

Diligence, resourcefulness, smartness, you're an excellent potpourri of various features and this quality of yours largely works in your favor. However, you present yourself a bit too humbly. Thus, you need to let the prospective employer understand the potential in you and your achievements. It's necessary for you to sell your capabilities and achievements to succeed in that employment interview, in spite of however exhausting it should be for you.

Highly social attitude and extreme dedication intermingled in prolific quantity makes a necessary component of your temperament and personality. You come across as the person who powerfully believes in ‘Working hard and Partying Harder’. Let this good facet of your personality unfold at its best before your interviewer, for maybe they are searching for a candidate somebody specifically such as you. However, on certain occasions you become quite superficial which may not work in your favor during an employment interview. It is smart to convey your actual personality and temperament before the interviewer.

You appear to follow the proverb that loyalty is the virtue of focus, and focus is of success. You're extremely focused and dependable. Ensure that during the interview, the interviewer indentifies these qualities in you. However bear in mind, it’s necessary to convey to your prospective employer that you have the capability and the passion for the job. Do some light exercises to relieve your mind from any kind of stress.

Your enthusiasm to excel, your dedication and your willingness to perform definitely reflects a bright picture to any interviewer and compels him to choose you. But on certain occasions, you rate yourself a bit high. Be a little careful and listen to your interviewer more than talking, and you would surely win the interview.

You are a thorough professional and this is your strong quality. But, at times you behave too rigid on your views. To succeed in an interview you are going to face, ensure that you go with a positive mind-frame and take a flexible approach towards things. As sometimes your expectations become too high, so ensure that you quote a reasonable figure while negotiating the salary.

You are an interesting combination of a team player, an artistic and intellectual person. Reflect these qualities to your potential employer to impress him. However, be careful of talking too much in front of your interviewer, as it will show your over confidence. Don’t put extra effort to impress your interviewer as they may not like this side of yours.

You are a team player, a sincere employee and a balanced individual. But you get worked up by stress and anxiety very easily. Remember that nervousness and anxiety are your worst foes in an interview. To conquer your nervousness during an interview, ensure to have a nice sleep well before it and also meditate for some time to relax your mind.

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Indian Astrology: Planets And Their Effects On Education

Indian Astrology: Planets And Their Effects On Education

Knowing everything created by the God or associated with Him is called Knowledge, and those who are ignorant of all this are not so lucy people.  Education is the path following which we can get to know about God and His creations.

Education makes the foundation of life. Education enables a person to plan and offers him good opportunities to enhance his life. Education had a different meaning in the past than what it has today. Earlier education was aimed at making a student learn and understand the grammar and mannerisms, required in the social environment. But in this era, it has acquired a different prospect, or it is that people have a different outlook and thought process when it comes to this subject. Today, it is a mean to earn the livelihood. With the changing times, advanced technology and the plenty of fields to choose from, the students sometimes get confused as which stream to choose. While making a selection of the subject of one’s choice, the role of Aptitude Test is very important. But in a country like India, with very limited opportunities, it is practically not possible to provide every student with the field of his choice. Often we come across witnessing the engineers and technicians involved into clerical or other such jobs. Through the Indian astrology, we can get to know the tendencies or interest of a person in which he can achieve success. An astrological insight can also highlight the areas suitable for his career which may be different from the one in which the person has attained academic qualification. Astrological guidance can play an important role in guiding the parents to choose the right stream for their children from the very  beginning. We find some children in a state of confusion about selecting the subjects they should be studying. They are not sure about the way they want to go. At this point Indian astrology extends a helping hand. The relevant position of the planets in the birth chart of a person can tell the type of profession he/she should choose to excel in it.

As per the Indian Astrology, Jupiter is the master or karaka of education. When Jupiter is present in the Kendra with the lord of 5th house, it represents good education opportunities. Intelligence is represented by the Mercury, so, its favorable placement with Jupiter in the horoscope ensures educational achievements for the person.

A person’s 2nd house should be considered while determining the field of study for him. This house explains his primary education and his abilities in certain field. However, 5th house is considered to be the main house, especially for education. For the fields where research is involved, 8th house needs to be analysed. Analysis of this house is also important magical or unconventional knowledge etc.

A combination of Buddhaditya yoga and Saraswati Yoga in the Indian Vedic Astrology, analyses the combination of Sun, Venus and Mercury and their favorable positions in the chart. If the birth chart shows a strong Venus, the will be creative and will have interest in dance, music, painting and other arts. If is shows a strong Mars, then the fields like engineering, medicine or surgery etc should be suitable for him. A good combination of Mars with Saturn, Rahu and Moon favors engineering or medicine studies. A combination of Venus and Mars represents Electrical field. Ketu favors the field of electronic media. Saturn is associated with the earth, hence, areas linked with mines, minerals and petroleum etc. should be considered.

Planets affect an individual's selection of the education stream and his ability to excel in it. In a chart, if the 2nd and 5th houses are adversely affected, the chances of high education of that person are very low.

The ninth house, which is considered to be the house of spirituality, represents higher education. And, since Jupiter rules this house, areas like sciences, philosophy, spirituality and religion etc. should be chosen. If you are confused regarding your child's education, seeking the astrological guidance by an expert astrologer can be helpful, so that your child gets the education as per his planetary positions in his birth chart.  

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Career Horoscope:Parents are Destined to You

Career Horoscope:Parents are Destined to You 

Parents are the first guides of their children to take up any decision associated with their study or career. As parents have more knowledge and experience than the child, qualified parents can give utmost guidance to their children in selecting a suitable profession. Parents are well aware of the education, qualification, ability, talent etc. they have given to their children and the values and traditions of the family they have. They also know how to meet the prospects they have from their children by giving them the best possible conveniences. They have all the experience and capability to judge the company and the circle of their child.

Apart from these important factors the biggest thing to be mentioned in this regard is the parents-children bonding. Kids who have parents who trust their kids in and out are more confident than the rest. Though parents show their trust in kids on the other they keep eyeing on the whereabouts of their child. People who are successful in their career always give the major credit to their parents. Good parents should guide their children correctly and take proper care of them. They should not behave rudely and should have disciplined approach.

As education is helpful in every aspect of life parents should encourage kids to acquire more education. Not only that they should not discriminate between girl and boy. Gender equity should always be there within the family. Along with education other cultural activities and cultural education also need to be provided by the parents.

Parents should behave more friendly with their kids. So that kids can share their problems with their parents. The friendly behavior will help their kids to open up and get adequate solution for the problem. Kids generally do not open themselves up in front of parents due to the fear of refusal and punishments. This will only enlarge the gap between the parents and kids. Parents should keep this on mind that they need to discuss things with their kids but not force their own choice on them while discussing about the future career prospect of their kids. Parents should support their kids to become parts of additional activities.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Career astrology: Some Effective Remedies for Getting A Good Job

Career Astrology: Some Effective Remedies for Getting A Good Job
There are certain remedies which are easy but quite effective in making you professionally do well. Here are some remedies which one can use for his benefit:

1)  Every morning, the first thing that you should do is joining your palms and looking at them. It brings luck and wealth because your palms are the place where Goddess Lakshmi resides.

2) On Saturdays, feed crows with boiled rice. This is because crow represents Saturn, which determines out professional success. Feeding the crows satisfies Saturn.

3) Every morning, offer water with jaggery from a copper vessel, to the rising Sun. This should be done during the sunrise. Recite  “Om Hreem Suryaaye Namaha” 11 times while offering the water.

4) Career AstrologyRecite Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra each for 31 times everyday.

5)Lord Ganesha, also called as Vighna Vinaashak (who eradicates obstacles), hence his beej mantra would destroy all the obstacles that you are facing in your professional life. Lord Ganesha mantra is “Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha”

6)Hold a lime in your right hand and insert 4 cloves in it. Now recite the Hanuman mantra for 21 times “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha”. After this, keep the lime in your purse or pocket. You will see your business growing, and find good job opportunities coming your way. If you have a scheduled business meeting or a job interview, do this remedy before leaving, you will get success.

Career Astrology: Following these proven remedies surely bring success in your business or profession.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Career Astrology: Become a Journalist

Career Astrology: Become a Journalist 
A large number of professions are available in the world and one has to make a very careful choice from a large number of options. Some professions are associated with creating new things while some are associated with managing wealth. We shall take a look at what it takes to be a journalist.
Career astrology, In order to be a journalist one has to have the influence of Goddess Saraswati rather than Goddess Laxmi. Being a journalist requires a person to be good with pen and this power comes with the blessings of Saraswati. A journalist must have the ability to impress the people with his writings. With the blessings of Goddess Saraswati a journalist can easily earn fame.

In Career Astrology, Mercury is regarded as the chief supporter of pen and Mars of ink. As these two planets converge they create an auspicious Yoga for the profession of journalism. Moreover, Jupiter can also have a positive influence on the person.   

1.   Important Houses: The Third, Fifth and the Tenth House
In the birth chart, the 3rd house is regarded as the house of communication. The ability of a person to communicate with others depends on this house. The communication can be through various media. In Career Astrology  the fifth house imparts the power to speak convincingly and the 10th house indicates the career. In order to be a journalist a person needs to have positive effects from all these three houses.

2.   Important Planets: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter
In Career astrology Mercury is regarded as the planet for communications and expression. When Mercury works along with Mars, the person is likely to emerge as a successful journalist. In addition to this the influence of Jupiter also plays an important role in the profession. Jupiter is regarded as the Kaarak of fame and wealth. When it rests in an auspicious house it has an auspicious effect.

3. Career Astrology;  Amatyakaarak Planet: Venus, Rahu, Saturn or Jupiter
The Amatyakaarak has an influence on the career of a journalist. When Venus is the Amatyakaarak and Moon has an influence on the planet, the person is likely to shine in the visual media. He can start through a profession behind camera and gradually proceed into other fields like scriptwriting for films and television channels. In  astrology when Amatyakaarak is influenced by Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu also works a lot to make a person a journalist. In case Jupiter or Saturn is a Amatyakaarak planet the person will see a good fortune in print media. The influence of Mercury and mars also needs to be taken into account.

4.   Navamsh Kundali and Dashmansh Kundali
It is important to check the Navamsh Kundali instead of analyzing only the birth chart to determine the field of occupation. Astrologers must take the Navamsh Kundali into account in order to make a prediction about the occupation. In addition to it the Dashmansh Kundali offers a depper insight into the potential occupation. If any two charts indicate possible fame and wealth in the field of journalism a person can easily go for the job.

5.   Career Astrology; Directions and Transit
The Yogas that are there on the birth chart indicates the occupation that a person is likely to pursue in future. The position of the planets as well as their influence on the person is important as is the double transit of the Lord of the 10th house.

6.   Other Yoga
Successful journalists must have their 3rd house in a strong position. The Amatyakaarak planet has to be quite strong aswell.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Career astrology: Become a Businessman

Career astrology: Become a Businessman  
Perfect planetary combinations are necessary for a person to become a successful businessman. Hence, it is essential to know which planetary combinations are suitable for business.

Planetary Combinations in the Birth Chart

1. The relationship of the Trine house of the Kendra with the Raj Yoga on the birth chart is auspicious for business. At the same time. if the 2nd house or the 11th house is in a relationship with the Lord of the Trine or the Kendra, the person will be able to earn quite a good amount of money. Raj Yoga can influence the Dhan Yoga, thus resulting in good fortune and money.

2. When Mercury, Venus and Jupiter influence the Kendra the birth chart has a Yoga to earn money. More, when the Sun is in the 11th house there is a high chance of earning a good amount of money.

3.In order to be a successful businessman a person must have Dhan Yoga, Panch Mahapurush Yoga and Raj Yoga on his birth chart astrology.

4.Aries Ascendant and Mars as the Ascendant Lord exalt in the 10th house to form the Kuldeepak Yoga and ruchak Yoga when Mercury is located with Mars or Sun is the 5th lord, Jupiter supports the 9th Lord from the second house, Moon is the fourth Lord and Venus the seventh Lord. It exalts Rahu in the Ascendant and Saturn is located in the 9th house as the Lord of the 11th or 10th house. this will impart strength, will power and ambition in a person who can easily become a businessman.

5. A person who is Taurus Ascendant can easily expand his business and earn money, wealth and fame if the Ascendant is aspected by the 2nd and the 4th lord, Saturn sits in the 11th house as the Yoga Kaarak planet, Jupiter and rahu are in the 10th and 7th house respectively and if Venus and Mars together reside in the 2nd house.

6.Those who are Cancer Ascendant and have Jupiter and Venus resting in the Ascendant can earn wealth and fame if Sun is in the 11th house and mars is in the 3rd house. Moreover, Moon also has to be in 2nd house and Saturn should be in the 9th house as the seventh Lord.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Career horoscope determines your career and growth

Career horoscope determines your career and growth 

A horoscope that is made on the basis of the certain astrological calculations with the time and date of birth of person can provide some invaluable data on how his career will progress in 2015. If one is looking for the job change, increment, promotion, and change of line in business, business growth, then 2015 Career Horoscope can help predict these aspects along with the timing of when these would occur.
The following data on one's Career scan be inferred from 2015 Career Horoscope, which one may like to refer to, for his career progress across the year 2015.
  • Month wise analysis of Business and Career in 2015
  • Effects that the 10th House has on Job and Business
  • Effects of Jupiter and Saturn while transit during 2015 on Career growth.
  • Planetary combinations for successful career in the year
  • An overview of Career and Business in 2015.
The best person to study the houses and the planets and the birth charts and to judge the right career for the native is an efficient astrologer. This can be done over the internet, where the native puts in the data required, regarding his birth date and time and other influential factors and the astrologer does his calculations and sends back the desired result across web itself. The other easy process is meeting and astrologer face-to-face and sorting out all the queries regarding one's career horoscope and its future.

Birth place, Birth date and Birth time are the most crucial information that is required for an astrologer to carry out his calculations and predict the future of the native. The more accurate these information are higher is the chance of accuracy and perfection of the results. Thus, generating the results becomes easier for a person to decide which profession he should go for to pursue a successful career in his life.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Climbing the professional ladder via houses and luminaries

Climbing the professional ladder via houses and luminaries

With age comes responsibilities and with responsibilities comes the choosing of the right career for oneself for his good living. But judging the career aptitude as in which career alignment would be best for a person and what would bring the maximum success to him is very difficult. The natal chart or the birth chart which is used for Career Horoscopes helps in this respect and guides to decide on a person’s probable areas of worldly engagements.

When it comes to astrological computation, career horoscope is one of the significant sectors. The career horoscope is judged on the basis of the ruling planets and their positions and their prospective rotation. Considering this, 1st house holds immense significant as it denotes the characteristic attributes of an individual and his or her approach towards life. It is also very much important for examining and predicting the career possibilities of a person.

Apart from the houses and the Lords reigning in the respective houses, what should be taken into
consideration are the celestial positions of the Sun and the Moon.

However, it is very important for a person to decide whether to opt for a job or start his own business. That makes reaching goal and prosperity easier. Astrology suggests if there are any planets in the horoscopes that are likely to be weak in the houses of 5th, 11th, 9th and 19th and then the person should opt for job accordingly. But if the above mentioned houses have strong planets, business would be a right choice for him.

Click here to read on the influence and significations of the various houses and planets on different  career perspective of the native.

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Lesbian Love Match compatibility individual horoscopes and make proper predictions

Lesbian Love Match

A romantic relationship between a man and a woman is quite common. However, when a woman feels attracted to another woman and if the attraction is mutual, it is termed as a lesbian relationship. The sexual behavior of a person is generally determined by the position of the planets and starts at the time of the person’s birth as well as the ruling planet. Checking Lesbian Love Match would help homosexual women know who their ideal partners would be and what sort of relationship they can expect. Professional Indian astrologers are trained to study individual horoscopes and make proper predictions. With the help of the astrologers it is possible to know about future and especially about love relationships. 

Mutual understanding and faith are the two primary requisites of a relationship and so a compatibility check would reveal whether twp partners are compatible. It is needless to mention that in a lesbian relationship both the partners are woman and so their desires, preferences, tastes and practices are likely to be almost identical. This makes a Lesbian Love Match compatibility check a must.

Women are generally ruled by female planets like Venus and Moon. The relationship between a man and a woman is generally determined by planets of opposite gender and the relationship between two women is determined by dame gender planets. According to Hindu Astrology the ruling planet plays a very important role in this field. In a lesbian relationship both the partners have to understand each other properly. Having a faith on each other is the prerequisite of any relationship. Hence checking Lesbian Love Match is essential before entering into such a relationship. 

It is quite obvious that all zodiac signs are not compatible with all others and so it is essential for lesbian women to choose a partner who would be compatible with them. Indian astrologers take into account the horoscopes of individual women and judge them in light of the ruling planets and stars. By checking the horoscopes the astrologers would be able to make the right prediction. If clients are able to abide by the advices and suggestions of these astrologers they can easily find the best partners for themselves. 

The Vedic Astrology is one of the oldest and one of the most authentic sects of astrology and so Indian astrologers who follow the ancient practices can make the right predictions easily. It is needless to mention that over the last few years the demand for authentic Indian astrology has increased to a large extent. The main reason behind the popularity of Indian astrology is that it helps people know about their future with complete accuracy. By checking the Lesbian Love Match compatibility homosexual women can find their right partner.              

Get Back your X Girlfriend The position of the stars and planets at the time of birth love relationship

Get Back your X Girlfriend 

There are many people who after being in a relationship for a long time find it essential to get out of it. In a relationship mutual faith and affection are the biggest necessities and so both the partners have to bear certain responsibilities and perform their duties. However, irreconcilable differences result in a breakup. When it cannot be avoided efforts should be made to get over with it as soon as possible. But, if any one of the partners cannot just get over with the fact that the relationship has been severed, efforts should be made to get the partner back. With the help of professional Indian astrologers you can easily Get Back your X Girlfriend. 

You relationship might have suffered a lot in the past but when it is time to give it a new start, taking the help of professional astrologers is the best choice. The prosperity of a love relationship largely depends on the ability of both the partners to be in terms with each other. However, as different people have different characteristics, it is essential to choose the right person as life partner. However, in spite of trying hard, sometimes relationships suffer a lot. This is mainly due to Rahu, Ketu or Shani, the three main dictators of ill-fate in humans. With the help of professional Indian astrologers who practice Vedic Astrology it is possible for you to reignite the flame of love in your ex-girlfriend. Astrologers can help you Get Back your X Girlfriend better than anyone else.

The position of the stars and planets at the time of birth as well as the ruling planet plays a very important role in this regard. However, when any one of Rahu, Ketu or Shani starts influencing the ruling planet, things in life start taking a turn towards the worse. In Vedic Astrology different rituals have been described as methods to get rid of different problems. The astrologers would take into account your horoscope and after a careful study of your relationship chart would give you the best possible advice. If you abide by the suggestions and advice of the astrologers, it would be possible for you to Get Back your X Girlfriend.

The ruling planet needs to be pacified if you have to go back to your old romance. The fact that the success of a relationship to a large extent depends on the ability of both the partners to balance each other. When the balance is disturbed the relationship ends in despair. However, with the help of astrologers and by performing certain rituals you can easily Get Back your X Girlfriend and start a new life. You can easily remove the obstacles and stride towards a happy life.

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Get Back your X Boyfriend career horoscope and love relationship prediction from astrovalley

Get Back your X Boyfriend 

May be in a moment of indisposition and in a fit of temper you have fought with your boyfriend over a trivial issue, but you never imagined that your boyfriend would leave you. May be you yourself had certain fallacies that was too hard for him to overlook. Whatever, be the reason getting over with the break up is not going to be easy for you if you love your boyfriend too much. With the help of a professional Vedic astrologer you can easily Get Back your X Boyfriend without much hassle. These astrologers are qualified and well trained in solving relationship issues quite efficiently. All you need to do is to ask for help and they will take care of the rest. By studying your career horoscope and love relationship chart carefully they will be able to tell you what to do so that you can get your ex boyfriend back. 

In a love relationship having a mutual understanding between the partners is essential. When the mutual understanding and respect is overshadowed by the ominous clouds of suspicion, abuse and infidelity a relationship is bound to suffer. You may have wondered why your relationship did not materialize completely. The main reason behind this is that your ruling planet is either being influenced by Rahu, Ketu or Shani (Saturn) or your ruling planet is being aspected by other stars and planets that are casting an ill effect on you. With the help of proper astrological procedures you will be able to Get Back your X Boyfriend without much trouble and give your life a new start. 

An amicable separation is always desired if the relationship seems to be filled with irreconcilable differences. In Indian Astrology there is a remedy for all sorts of relationship problems. The first thing that you need to do is to go with the suggestions ad advices that the astrologers give. Depending on your individual relationship chart you may need to pacify or augment your ruling planet. It is needless to mention that over the last few years there has been a growing demand for Indian astrology services and so it is essential to take the help of professional astrologers. If you abide by the suggestions of astrologers you can easily make sure that your ex boyfriend would return to you. 

Nowadays most of the Indian astrologers offer advices and suggestions over the internet and so no matter wherever you are in the world you can easily take their help. However, you must follow the advices of the astrologers to arrive at the desired end. If you complete the rituals properly you can easily Get Back your X Boyfriend and can start your life anew. 

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Career in Administration from indian astrology astrovalley

Often not so successful or the unsuccessful people are seen cursing their luck for their failure in profession.  While others are seen happily enjoying their life with a good job in a higher position, like I.A.S officers or other higher Administrative post holders. For these services the rules of Astrology are as follows:

Houses and Planets for good Yoga for Higher Studies:

For the professions like I.A.S, the level of education in the horoscope chart of an individual should also be high. For education, the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th houses are considered responsible. When these houses are in a strong position, the person has a high level of education. Apart from this, the planets associated with higher education are Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. If a person attains a good education, then he becomes eligible to appear in competitive exams.

Important Houses:

The 6th and 10th houses should be strong in the birth chart for the person to be successful in competitive exams. Mutual relationship between them is also very essential for the success of a person in his job.
Dedication and hard work is also very important to be successful. The 3rd house, known as the house of courage helps in these qualities. When this house becomes strong, it provides an ability to fight against enemies and increases the possibilities to achieve success.

Important planets:

In the horoscope chart, Sun is considered as the king of all planets and Jupiter as the significator of Knowledge. These two planets are the influencing factor for a success in the career in Administration.
The importance of Saturn increases for those employed to serve the people. It is because Saturn bridges the gap between the public and administrative authorities.

Periods or Dasha:

As per Indian astrology, the possibilities to succeed in job are high when the planets in the natal chart are in good position and the periods also match with the planets. If the period of the 10th, 6th, 3rd houses or the lords of these houses match well, then the person will possibly become an I.A.S officer.

 Other Yogas:

When the lord of the 11th house is in the 9th house, or it is in conjunction with the 10th  house, the possibilities to become an I.A.S. officer are very high.

If Venus or Jupiter is exalted in the 5th house or the house is even influenced by the auspicious planets and if Sun is in a good position, then the person will become an I.A.S. officer.

When the lords of the Ascendant house and the 10th house are in their houses, or are exalted and placed in the Kendra or trine, and Jupiter is exalted and is placed in its own house, then the possibilities to become an I.A.S officer are high.

If Sun or Mercury is placed in the Kendra of the birth chart, especially in the ascendant and Jupiter aspects these planets, then the person will achieve success in the administrative services.

Horoscope Compatibility and man and woman relationship according indian astrology

Horoscope Compatibility

Horoscope and its effects:

Depending on the information of a person’s Date of birth, Time of birth and Place of birth, a horoscope chart is prepared for him or her. It is also called the Birth chart or the Natal chart. This chart includes the character of a person and the circumstances in life of that person, based on the celestial positions of the planets and the stars. Horoscope differs between people, due to the constant dispositions of the planets.

 According to Indian astrology, there are 12 astrological signs, also known as Zodiac signs, based on the positions of the stars and the planets during the birth of the person. Each zodiac sign bears different character aspects for the native.

Horoscope compatibility for a relationship:

Horoscope compatibility for a relationship is very important to understand the durability and the nature of the relationship between the two individuals. Considering the factors, it studies the probable pros and cons in a relationship by comparing the horoscopes of the two people involved in that relationship, before they decide to tie the knot.

Horoscopes are unique for all individual and Zodiac signs compatibility in Indian astrology is studied based on that uniqueness.

The compatibility is verified based on planetary dispositions. The constellations formed, which later on turns to be the zodiac sign of the individual determine the character, nature and durability of the relationship.

 During astrological study it enables an astrologer to look into the hidden motives of both the people involved in the relationship. He looks at both the good part and the challenges in the relationship followed by a discussion on the pros and cons of getting involved for future. Planets and houses in horoscope have a relationship between themselves. The strength and the aspects between them decide on how beautiful the concerned relationship between the individuals would grow in future or what difficulties it can bring in.

Apart from compatibility, many other aspects are seen during zodiac sign compatibility, one of them being the much talked about ‘Manglik Dasha’. The horoscope is mainly analyzed for the following aspects:

o    Longevity of a boy and girl is checked separately. A big difference in them doesn’t make any sense in tying the knot.

o    Mental compatibility decides the affection between the couple and looks after the prospects of behaviour of each individual.

o    Child birth is checked separately in horoscopes of both the persons to find out the possibility of at least one child in future.

o    Health of the individual is analyzed by considering various aspects like possibilities of accidents or major diseases.

o    Separation in marriage is checked to see if there is any possibility of a separation between the couple in the long run.

o    Financial Stability is also analyzed individually.

Horoscope compatibility can create magic even in the most unexpected relationship!

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Career in Politics or Career horoscope or Career Astrology Indian Astrology and more

Career in Politics

Birth chart analysis for successful political career:

A good political career can be decided upon analysing the natal chart of a person. The planetary positions in native’s horoscope influence one to take politics as a profession.

Politics today, is more a business than a medium of helping people via social service. A large section of people of any country or the world wants to be the part of the ruling party of their respective nations.

Houses and planets responsible for political career:

According to Indian astrology, the 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are considered for politics but 10th house is the most important one. If the lord of the 10th house is exalted or if any planet in 10th house in exalted then it is easier for a person to connect himself from politics.

Among the planets, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Saturn are taken as the main planets, but in some cases even Jupiter’s role as a mentor is considered important. And with the help of this planet a person can become a minister. If sun is exalted in 10th house with the Rahu having relation with 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses, a person is bound to be successful in politics.

 o    Saturn is considered as the planet of public. If Saturn is present in the 10th house or if it is forming a relational aspect with it, the person is supposedly to serve the public or join politics.

 o    If Mars is situated in the 10th house, the person enters in politics to do work that will be beneficial to the public.

o    When both Mars and Saturn are situated in the 10th house, the quality of leadership is developed in a person and this can lead him to become a minister.

 One needs to be a good spokesperson to be a good politician. But not all who can speak well turn out to be a good political person. Having strong Mercury in one’s horoscope helps him to enhance his ideas. But minister are only formed by the above mentioned positions of planets in horoscope.

The departments in ministry are governed by Jupiter too, like the finance department which is also the responsibility of the planet Jupiter. Thus, in simple words, Mercury and Jupiter assign the departments after one has already become a minister.

The study in astrology in which the results are predicted on the basis of celestial significations, determines that the planet with highest degree is called the significator of self and the planet with the second highest degree is the significator of minister. The most important significator for a career in politics is the significator of minister. If Sun and Rahu are the significators of minister and also the person is interested in politics then all these arrangements result in success in the field of politics.

As per zodiac signs, people born with zodiac sign Cancer are said to possess leadership qualities.


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Career in finance career horoscope from his zodiac signs

Career in Finance

Career horoscope that influence the Career in Finance:

Whether a person will be successful with his career in finance, i.e. the banking sector is determined by the birth chart. Studying his date, time and place of birth and developing a natal chart according to that information helps to forecast the future of the native regarding his or her career related to finance. Banking services are part of commerce background and Mercury is the significant factor for commerce and finance. Jupiter is the influence factor for knowledge and growth, Venus is the factor for handling Money or Cash or Finance and Saturn signifies dealing or transactions with the public in form of debt, bonds and loans. These above planets placed in certain houses will give the person inclination to work and build a career in finance.

People belonging to zodiac signs like Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius are more likely to succeed in banking profession than others.

The following career horoscope combinations decide whether a person will enter the finance sector and become successful.

o    As per astrology in India, Mercury and Jupiter if in the 4th, 5th or 10th house, then the native is more prone to get a career in Finance.

o    The 4th house is significant for education, the 5th house is seen for dealings with the public, the 9th house influences higher education, the 6th house is to be seen for service and the 10th house is the influential factor for a career in public sector. If they are in coordination with each other, finance career is to be good.

o    If the 11th house or its lord receives aspects from Jupiter and Mercury and supports the planets occupying the diagonal positions to it, then the person will earn his income from the banking sector.
o    If lord residing in the 4th or the 9th house which is ruled by either Mercury or Jupiter has an aspect with the 10th house, then it can result a career in banking. If Sun is involved in the above combination, then the person has a chance to become an officer of the bank. If Sun occupies Leo in the 10th or 11th house along with the above combination then the person can get promoted in a banking job.

o    If Venus is the lord of 4th, 9th or 10th house, then the native is supposedly to handle cash transactions in the bank. Again the strength of the Sun will determine the rise in the person’s career.
o    If Saturn is the lord of 4th or 5th house and it aspects to occupy the 10th or 11th house, then public sector banking is the job for him to prosper professionally.

o    If Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are strong and involved with the 10th house then the person can become an economist by his profession.

Thus, horoscope can show how a person is oriented to money, with money and for money.

Taurus horoscope and compatibility with others zodiac signs

Taurus compatibility With the Bull sun sign, Taurus people are some of the most fun loving people on the planet. Stuffed with desire for all sorts of sensory pleasures, Taurus men and women love to try new things even if they are not readily available. Strong will power and dedication towards what they have committed make Taureans reliable to a large extent. Once they get determined to complete a task it is almost impossible shift them from their position. Their cool and observant nature prevents 
Taurus horoscope and compatibility with others
them from jumping into a relationship, instead they like to wait and watch before coming to any conclusion. Though Taurus compatibility check it is possible to determine which sun signs go with the Bull sign best.

Being ruled by Venus, Taureans are born lovers. Though love at first sight is possible it is highly unlikely that a Taurean would rush to express love. The calm and composed nature of Taureans can help them sail through even the most troubled waters at ease. However, when it comes to emotional security, people with the Bull sign can be a bit vulnerable. They like to be pampered by all along with being at the center of attraction. A born lover of beauty a Taurean likes to be surrounded by beautiful things like a sweet home, costly car, attractive clothing and works or art. Taurus compatibility analysis also reveals that they are totally committed to their relationship and breaking away is not an easy option for them.

When it comes to compatibility with other signs, Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn are the best for Taurus. A match with Scorpio indicates a sustained relationship, come what may. Taurus compatibility with Virgo and Capricorn is especially effective as the relationship and bond between the two are likely to be stable and seemingly tied with the same thread. Differences would never be big enough to bifurcate the relationship. On the other hand, Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini arte the worst matches for a Taurean. Gemini is to too restless and Sagittarius seems to be excessively free spirited when judged against Taurus. Aries, the possessor of an equally strong will and interests, can often find Taurus more a rival and less a partner.

Taurus compatibility analysis has been specially designed for those who need to check the best and worst matches for Taurus. Apart from the best and worst matches, Taurus can match more or less quite comfortably with another Taurus. However, a Taurus-Taurus relationship is more likely to be studded with passionate state of affairs and endless loyalty to each other. However, conflict of interest can tip the relationship off the balance at times.

The fire inside a Taurean is something that keeps the person going, though at times over enthusiasm and over indulgence in sensual pleasures can cause unexpected troubles. However, for those who want to establish a relationship with a Taurean, checking Taurus compatibility is essential. People with Taurus sun sign can be great lovers but at the same time their off-beat way of life can be alien to others.  

Horscope Compatibility and love relationship

Horoscope Compatibility

What is horoscope?

Horoscope is an astrological chart used to forecast a person's future. It also includes a delineation of character and circumstances in life, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person's birth. Horoscope differs from people to people, due to the continuous movement of the planets.

    To prepare a horoscope of a person three types of information are needed. They are:
o    Date of birth
o    Time of birth
o    Place of birth

Depending on this information the actual judgement of horoscope is done which involves a lot of studies and research work. This scientific study is called astrology. According to this study, there are 12 astrological signs, also known as Zodiac signs. These are based on the celestial positions of the stars and the planets and are named as:

o    Aries
o    Taurus
o    Gemini
o    Cancer
o    Leo
o    Virgo
o    Libra
o    Scorpio
o    Sagittarius
o    Capricorn
o    Aquarius
o    Pisces

•    Horoscope compatibility?

Horoscope compatibility or horoscope matching is almost an inevitable part of Hindu marriage. It’s also called ‘Kundali’ matching. This takes into considerations the factors that influence marriage. However, people can opt to verify their horoscope compatibility while being in courtship as well. It studies relationship by comparing the horoscopes of the two people involved in the relationship.
Horoscopes are almost as unique as fingerprints.  Zodiac signs compatibility is approached within a particular branch of astrological tradition of any of the following: Western astrology, Vedic astrology or Chinese astrology.

In the Hindu system, the compatibility is verified based on the constellations occupied by the moon during the time of birth of both bride and the groom. The constellations formed determine the character, nature and durability of the relationship.

There is a branch of astrology known as ‘synastry’. This enables an astrologer to look deeply into the hidden motives of both people involved. He looks at the good points of the relationship and compares them to the more difficult areas followed by a discussion on the pros and cons of getting involved. He may also study the celestial transit phase under which the relationship might have started. It is said that in many cases, once the transit phase passes by, good times smile back.

But there are exceptions as well. A couple may have compatible horoscopes, but if they have a number of challenging inter-aspects among themselves, then the relationship is going to be tough one. On the hand, some couples have synastry charts that are quite a mismatch, but yet they get on smoothly and stay together for many years.

Astrology is not a 100% scientifically proved science and there are lots of controversies regarding it. But the fact is that it can be very real to very virtual to very cheesy to be believed. In short, Astrology is only as good as the astrologer practising it!