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Career Astrology for a great life and career in 2015

Astrology for a great life and career in 2015!

In our world of fast life one easily forgets what we have. In the New Year we are occupied with friends and family but also remember our stars and horoscope predictions. Astrology has the channelling force to being the best in providing career with correct path and advice you to become successful. It is crucial. Everyone wants high profile career and good development. A learned astrologer can build future career horoscope using birth information. With a deep analysis of individual personality and God’s grace astrologer can provide correct forecasting and effective remedy to solve ills that are touching in your career.

Using astrology readings in 2015 the following analysis would develop career horoscope for following sun signs;

1.     Taurus
      The Taurus sign people would benefit from working with a trustworthy partner when this association is fruitful for you. The clash of Saturn and Jupiter on August 16 would lead you to change your field of work. Job will be rewarding as well as would also be satisfying for you. You need to be prudent, cautious with work since you would be vulnerable in stressful situations from 14 January to 31 May 2015. From this period you are sure to be advised to make strategic decisions. The new ventures also may not be fruitful so not to undertake any such decisions. Friends and family would help you in career. Your career graph will see rise in Nov 2015. You must be careful not to become arrogant on work during Feb 7 to Mar 2 2015. A decline in career from Jan14 to may31 2015 is expected. Though earlier investments are profitable then the time from May –Oct 2015 and Dec 2015 would surely see a rise in incomes. The year is good for self employed.  There would be a spurt in business with increased order placements. In private and government jobs this period is stressful and trying.

2.     Leo
From April 26 and July 26 the period is difficult and stressful. You must be calm and composed for concentrating on objectives. You can make most of opportunities during May 23 and Aug 16. The favourable combination in Jupiter and Uranus on June 8, Sept 18 and Jan 4, 2011 bring pleasant new surprises from work and job. Influence of Jupiter brings success, affluence and good fortune for Leo people. There are additional few financial problems and obstructions which would delay in promotions with difference in opinion with seniors. This period would resolve most problems with many stressful situations and you come out stronger. For Leo people there would be radical career changes in self employed or serviced. People can switch to a new profession. This is possible from Rahu and Jupiter position in their sign. By not getting influenced or carried away by other opinions you can come out victorious. This year you would be more careful in legal matters. You would be advised to be cautious and alert to save time and energy from these activities.

3.     Gemini
With the presence of Jupiter in 10th house of career from Jan 17 to June 6 and from Sept 9 to Jan 22, 2015 these individuals would observe surge in their careers in 2015. The Jupiter and Uranus combination can pave the way for new career paths, open new job ventures and also bless newfound success in work. Saturn present on April 26, May 23, July 23 and Aug 16 would let you see a few obstacles. The early half of 2015 is seen collaborating with partners from foreign shores with positive results. All sustained hard work would see growth in career after May 2 2015, and then there would be a sluggish period till Oct 31, 2015. There would be good fortune and profits in Nov 2015. Period from Mar 15 to Mar 30 is good for people in creative fields. Be careful with money matters. Foreign trips could be beneficial. You would get expansion of business and venture into new fields. There is good social standing as well as reputation. You are respected for opinions. The New Year 2015 is good for students and there would be gains for Gemini people all the year.

4.     Aries
From the planet Mars which rules by sign driven by power and ambition you would have a mixed bag in 2015. Presence of Saturn in 7th house of partners makes you face a few roadblocks in career. Your timely action can prevent unnecessary complications. There is a need to stay focussed on work. It should be with teamwork as it is important and is essential for success. The latter half of 2015 observes tensions and worries to ease off. You would get your priorities in place with good social work ethics for you to gain administrative positions. People in hotel industry get more success. Achievements and steady reputation is also possible in future. The same is not for those in nursing and care giving fields. They would be in a low stagnant period while observing being dominated and opinions suppressed. They also have link to change careers and also shift jobs. By year end, it is possible that career becomes dormant, for which they can rely on own inner strength to take charge of situation.   

 5. Virgo
Virgo people need to get their act together as obligations cannot be fulfilled at once and all by themselves. The situation would continue till June 12th when new moon enters 16th house of career whereby you are overloaded with work. Though you are satisfied and happy with job making progress, you also negotiate with co-workers and as a team player you realize common goals. The financial condition improves as you have salary hikes and promotions. This is good year for entrepreneurs. A slight obstruction is from fact that Virgo people strive constantly for change which may leave adverse and unfavourable affect on work. Virgo’s are advised to not start business venture from May and July as this is inauspicious. 2015 is good year for students. Positive effect of Saturn on memory would lead students to achieve results in exams. They can pursue higher studies with support from family and friends for finances.

6.     Scorpio
Mars for Scorpios is receding in 2015 from 10th house of career. This is a period of sluggishness and decline in professional growth. It is till March 10. Work would fall short of expectations. It is advised that you abide by time and finish work on hand. These situations would improve on June 6th when Jupiter enters into 6th house of employment. This positive trend continues through Sept 9 which allows you to innovate and implement fresh ideas to action. You are not averse while thinking twice before taking risks and face all challenges well. You would be able to realize career goals and even think big with high professional standing. This is a good year as per finances. New collaborations and affiliations are highly successful. Your expertise would be recognized. This is a good year for students and people in show business as they get good work with steady incomes. The year also proves to be good for politicians and those in public service.

7.     Sagittarius
From the period from April 26 and July 26, you would try to create better harmony in professional and personal life which causes more worry. There is a negative effect from Saturn to Uranus on these dates. Saturn again influences Jupiter on May 23 and Aug 16 which leads to disappointment as you would lose opportunities on professional front. After stressful period the influence of the planet is lesser when you can gain financially. 2015 is overall a good year for Sagittarius in terms of finances. There is hard work with dedication which would be appreciated by others. Real estate investments are set to prove profitable in the times to come. Business men get to new deals which are of enormous financial gains. Then you should be fair and transparent in financial dealings. So career wise this is a lucky year for Sagittarians from position of Jupiter in 4th and Saturn in the 10th house. All professional endeavours are successful. Thus a crucial year for Sagittarius who from age of 27, 28, 32 and 36 years as they find better to switch from current jobs for a good break into other fields.

8.     Libra
Librans are team players. They give their best when coordinating with others. They have good synergy and work well in team. This means they are not lone rangers which brings them favours while also getting let downs or misfortunes. There are new plans for July 11th as solar eclipse in 10th house of career is supported by Mars. This is good time to realize plans. There is indication that these plans would be successful. Be extra careful and cautious with financial dealings as an unforeseen error could lead to major financial problems.  Not the best year for job satisfaction. There is stress at work. In addition you would travel which adds to work pressure. There are indications of job change in first half of 2015. Though you need not get disheartened from this as there is silver lining. You would come across supportive people encouraging and improving life from every sphere – professional and personal.

9.     Capricorn
Period from Oct 29, 2005 to 2015 is crucial for career. Due to influence of Saturn in 10th house of career, there may be change in present profession. Work circumstance are amicable as well as there are many advise to navigate from troubled waters. You might have handled additional work with work pressure. Primarily this would be happening due to combination of Saturn and Uranus on April 26 and July 26, 2015 with combination of Saturn and Pluto on Jan 31 and Aug 21. Newer career opportunities occur and you would be able to explore them. This year is good for people in entertainment industry, people in medicine, labour management, economics and real estate. This year is also good financially for Capricorns. Young women perform better at work. Individuals living in villages do ever better. This year is good for Capricorns. With more profitable investments and better implementation of newer ideas and projects there is ever more productivity with execution of plans. Employees would get a promotion during March 2015.

 10. Pisces
The backward spirals of planet Mars in 6th house of work leaves you sluggish on job. There is feeling of restlessness with current positions with career changes as well. You are ready to get exciting new jobs from combination of Jupiter and Uranus on June 8 and Sept 18. These individuals have better financial conditions from handsome returns. Family encourages you in professional efforts. Due to negative influences of Rahu and Ketu in first half of year, career growth is hampered though later it helps you to advance smoothly. Jupiter in the 12th house of career is sure to lead to some problems at workplace. This is an instance of friction and misunderstanding which needs your ability and effort towards achieving goals. Students reap big success and get vocation of liking. For those in their jobs there are promotions and salary hikes on their cards. There are better contracts and deals which make bigger profits. Unique and better positioning of Rahu and Ketu charts brings surprises to you. There are undoubtedly sufferings from unanticipated gains or losses. There is possibility of meeting old friends from Saturn’s presence. Career wise the year is mediocre.

11.   Aquarius
The planet Pluto is in 10th house of career on the dates Jan 31 and Aug 21 which would provide strength to deal strongly with oppressive forces at your workplace. Jupiter’s presence in sanguine manner surges confidence to renew vigour and strength in facing opposition. New prospects open from July 25 to Aug 3 2015. This year is financially well as they have a regular income stream. People with food business will do well this year as well. People with family ensured concerns also do well. Although job functioning would be smooth you might sense troubles in professional environment. The year is good for people in alcohol, auto and electronics industry. People in the space sciences would achieve greater breakthroughs.  In career the year is lucky for Aquarians all thanks to presence of Jupiter in 1st house and Rahu in 11th house of profits. Rahu makes you tactful and cynical. You are in the work place machinations at instigation of superiors which wins favours from them in return. Task completion is on time, you need to be aware and vigilant with business partners, due to a possible court case over property dispute.
A good astrologer can easily tell you about following details after reading horoscope;

Work areas suitable for success with fewer hurdles
Suitable mode of earning your living
Your highest period of growth
Periods when you need to resist a change
Suitable remedies to improve planetary conditions

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