Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Love Calculator by Horoscope

Love match horoscope for native is likely to benefit with details of love affinity, right partner and objective of influences. As the horoscopes of two natives are matched effectively thereupon the love calculator or love horoscope is made easily. The prediction from both the natives readings is organized in numerous aspects. This is combined study of Vedic astrology and numerology. 

Whether couples experience any of aspects of affair, conjugal life patterns, couples knowing each other would determine duration of relation. Adjustments of match making includes numerous facts in an altogether different fashion. This study of numerology is a unique combination for providing any answer to romance. An instant report of love horoscope is also available free online. A love meter has less or no limits of applications, probable couples use this tool for judging partners, love match of hetero sexual pairs, judging pairs of homosexual compatibility is also possible. A favored sun sign is indicator of physical comfort and sharing of sentiments et.c With all three aspects coinciding in match these are happiest couple in a match.

A love affair is based on three important aspects via, thought action and emotions which are controlled by Sun, Moon and rising signs. Moon controls mental cohesion, mental affinity and leads to optimum sexual satisfaction. A similar work or action is governed by Sun. An amicable Sun in horoscope of pair can provide further enhancement of relationship. Emotions are important and with rising sun sign indicates favorable physical bonding and satisfaction.

Using the love calculator the native can easily determine element, ruling planet, lucky color, numbers, and days. The readings of love calculator provide a list of zodiac signs compatible with and also shows famous natives associated with sign. A native's birth stone and personality traits are displayed on results also. Questions on sun sign compatibility for love and deep insight is gained from report. Personality characteristics blend together is an important and main part of reading. Understanding the sun signs with their pairing is first likely step to discovering a unique ways of harmony in relationships.

Love horoscope would provide results as shown above while numerology report can help in analysis of personality and prediction of events. Vibration of birth number tells of temperament. Using modern numerology along with horoscope reports the native can alleviate tense stress into clear answer to couple affinity and love. Also we know of horoscope readings with specific native then it is a mutual conjugal relationship with vested interests of happiness and love. Though many natives expect to know different types of calculations the love calculator produces answers to questions such as percentage of love, does he or she love or not and whether native is amongst the ones discovering deep love connection. A love horoscope prediction is naturally best for many natives who cannot render both the sides of coin, one hand love affinity and other love partner search. So the love calculator providing horoscope and readings sort out the stress and issues for love relationship for a native.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How to Avoid Post-Marriage Problems

Post marriage problems increase with time and unattended delays causing much strife in business, career and health for native. For these problems like childlessness, frequent fights, quarrels and loss of intimacy are cited as reasons. Many natives visit doctors, counselors and astrologer for gaining better available guidance in these matters in their life path.

Considerable weightage from post marriage problems can cause stress and solutions from astrology for marital bliss are needed. The astrology guidance is aplenty in such issues. By alleviating trouble from malefic planets, doshas of nadi, stars and movements in positions the astrology solutions offer a sure remedy of problems in marital life in less time and less effort. Post marriage problems make native dull, non communicative and inactive in his career, and leads to health consequences later on. Natives with strong belief in astrology include solutions from astrology like yagnas, poojas and yantra therapy for solving their crisis in family and home. Usually these problems are unlike what was expected from the native and couples in marriage, in that they were unprepared and negative about the consequences. By explaining to them the marital life problems, post marriage issues, astrology becomes the necessary tool which can deliver results quickly for satisfaction to both the pairs. From sun sign and birth details the expert astrologer can offer proper and timely advice on post marriage problems for solving imminent issues.

Post marriage problems in married life can also get hurt from extra marital affairs whose reasons are not hard. Loss of loved one, friends, work apathy, problems with wife /husband, potency and many others could be possible reasons why these issues gain on marriages. Astrologer by studying the planetary positions and movements for both past and future lives could ascertain the probable causes, and also prove effective with simple remedies of morning prayers, evening prayers, wearing gemstones, yagna or pooja, siddha anusthan or wearing siddha yantras for pacifying the malefic effects of planets and numerous others. This is special quality of astrology where native need not run from pillar to post to rectify their growing post marriage problems.

The post marriage problems can be avoided if the birth charts and horoscope of both the natives are researched and worked towards probable solutions. Horoscope matching is old Vedic tradition which enables both the natives to understand each other, know which planetary influences are untoward and need remedy before marriage. Also the chart horoscope includes the probable movements and star positions later in life, so any conflict could be solved before marriage takes place. Some of the best advice to solve these issues is to stay clear of each other's growing avarice, and solve with empathy the difficulties early on as ascertained from astrology, family and friends. The natal chart position of 2nd house, 7th house, and 6th house in 7th house proves the post marriage problems earlier and one can be better prepared for the same.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Best Match for Taurus Woman

The best couple or love match for a Taurus woman is from either earth or water astrology signs. Natives born within either of these signs would stand a better chance as a good match than an air or fire sign. Taurus compatibility is hinged on no-nonsense approach to life, priority, intolerant, and other aspects. Some of these aspects are feet on ground, i.e. reality, happy home life, appreciation for all art forms, music, art and theater.

Taurus compatibility is high with Virgo as they both understand and relate to perfection. Taurus woman would be impatient with Virgo's tenacious need for order though the Virgo has the flexibility to be perfectionist whenever he desires. Taurus woman has a unique ability to distance emotionally from the Virgo's insistence on everything to be right. Taurus understands and expects to build picture of perfection inspiring Virgo to manifest it. Virgo also admires the Taurus compatibility in refusing to accept less than the ideals. As a couple they might get heads on in a fight though Virgo need for harmony and gives into Taurus woman's stampede to her goals. Love match with another Taurus is obviously the best sun sign matches though it is a real tug of war. Both of the signs are already in charge with pulls in opposite directions. There is a larger dose of compromise in this relationship which softens their innate stubbornness. With few restraints and giving to each other the Taurus compatibility can turn to love match.

Taurus compatibility with another Capricorn is likely to please the Taurus woman and as she intends to have complete package for home they often get attracted to powerful people. The Capricorn male is ideal for love match and as father or husband. He would do everything to ensure life is plentiful. Taurus would not lack stylish and comfortable home with latest gadgets and d├ęcor. Capricorns would also spend money overtly with knowing every money spent where. The Taurus compatibility is enhanced when Capricorn lets them involve in process as they believe marriage being a complete partnership. Love match between Pisces and Taurus is a extremely good proposition if certain things get going. Pisces is in touch with emotions and could be too deep for Taurus, which even then entices them. Taurus compatibility gets with feeling of structure and boundaries helping to rein in Pisces broader talents and desires. Taurus would be in best way of putting across situations and circumstances with clear perspective which would clarify a dreamy and cloudy vision Pisces. This secures the Pisces future and in return the Pisces helps by making Taurus unwind, delve deeper into self. Pisces would sometimes neglect this in rush to gain next level. Cancer and Taurus compatibility makes home ideal and cancer could turn the Taurus nature into home native by offering greater satisfaction. On the other hand the Taurus compatibility with Scorpio is likely to be the match for passion and stubbornness. Fascinated with business acumen the love match would enhanced by verbal par with best. This is deeply satisfying relation when both or one partner maintains cool headedness.

Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility

Cancer and Leo is a couple defined for best compatibility and a great relationship. While both the signs are best for relationship they would also not hinder love in relation. Cancer and Leo signs dissolve in desire and passion of love sooner or later.

Cancer compatibility thrives on revealing their sincere concern and tending to the emotional needs. Leo compatibility appreciates this while feeling threatened from lack of showiness. Leo would find mood swings disconcerting while being loyal and show flirty nature for need to feel attractive. Cancer would find indirect approach in love to be confusing for their frank and direct approach. Leo is ruled by Sun and Cancer by Moon. These are two different signs and planets. Since both signs do not share same modality and element, this results in less sharing, difference in love making. With tolerance the relationship works well for cancer and Leo compatibility.

There is an enormous attraction between the signs. Both the signs need plenty of reassurance and warm expressions for satisfaction. Cancer appreciates Leo with their sincere warmth, admiration and enthusiasm for best Leo compatibility. Cancer compatibility eventually tries to make Leo feel special. Cancer signs are sensitive, emotional and intuitive, and the Leo compatibility increases with potential rewards for both. Challenge for Leo compatibility rests on how well they are able to keep the cancer moodiness. Leo would cheer the Cancer though difficulty is from determining when Cancer requires empathy than sunshine. Cancer compatibility would thrive on optimism and goodness but only thus far. Cancer expects the Leo to relate, or sympathize for their sufferings, while Leo compatibility is not made for this.

Money would be an issue later in this match. Both cancer and Leo like public displays of affection. There is good sexual chemistry initially so early days are best. Leo compatibility would thrive on best times when Cancer is highly attentive to needs. Though Leo must not take many expectations as the cancer can turn off their nurturing. Both the signs have different attitudes hurting their pride. Leo compatibility works well as they want to be leader and cancer is a faithful follower. This love match could become marriage. In stress, Leo compatibility shows signs of stubbornness and opinionated. Cancer is likely to be persistent initiator of plans and Leo would channelize their energy and work effectively to move plans to completion. Cancer compatibility would thrive on calm and stable lifestyle with no need for glamour or acclaim. Leo compatibility would love to shake things and embrace unexpected and novel things. Without committing to emotional needs both the signs devote completely to one another. They would usually find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride by not making their love intentions clearer. Cancer compatibility would not be able to belie their shell and is controlling of the couple with Leo compatibility.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Best match for Aries woman

The sign of Aries is the first in the zodiac. Aries woman is well known for contradictions of competing energetic natives with great passion and enduring relations. Their love match is surely very strong or whittles to stagnate. 

Aries compatibility is marked with the physical way they would enjoy this world creating more deficits in their production. Their love match is approached with fiery and intensity though this strength of conviction and certainty of action is realized by doing than thinking. Aries woman has her subtle parts of life underdeveloped. In Aries compatibility, the intensity is readily seen in initial stages of relationship. They would like adventures and are more romantic people on earth. For a love match who would like this would be real blessings and might be that this adventure becomes a hot intense relation which is short lived.

Best matches for Aries woman are Sagittarius and Leo. With Sagittarius the Aries woman has great potential for love match. Both the signs have mental and physical agility. They would challenge each other and share many similar likes and activities. Passions would explode and fire would burn through if not careful. Aries is more intense and demonstrative, but Sagittarius will be eager to go along with whatever fun Aries would get. Sagittarius has impeccable social skills that Aries appreciates and finds sexy.

Love match with Leo can be just great for Aries woman. Both signs are like social beings and Leo is addicted to be in spotlight while nudging the Aries out from way without second thought. Leo knows how to work well with a crowd than anyone. Aries compatibility shows jealousy and resent if they are denied the priority number one slot in life. This pairing can be terrific match if they overcome natural tendencies. Aries woman with another Aries is strange though it can be a powerful and rewarding relation. These two Aries can strike up a great love match when their outer personality and inner feelings are shared properly. The Aries woman would have volatile and passion filled love match with Gemini. This could flame up without prior knowing. Aries woman would not be able to life without Gemini partner. They both love to flirt, being free while Gemini likes change and romance as long as their life is creative with excitement. Gemini gets the loyal Aries woman and there is best love match with this relation.

Aries compatibility with Libra is quite successful. Libra would like Aries woman to take lead. Aries would be appreciative of their skills and ability to fit in. Libra have keen eye for beauty and penchant for expensive lifestyle would push Aries to brink. Aries woman finds finer side of life and love match would blossom further. Aries woman and Aquarius sign love match is another good couple. Aquarius is fiercely independent and there could be rifts if they attempt to fence with unusual demands on Aries woman. The Aries compatibility would be lessened by either one taking a lead and they need to share more to overcome their differences for a perfect love match.