Saturday, 2 August 2014

Taurus Astrology 2014 Predictions

Taurus 2014 Astrology (Vedic astrology/ moon sign based)

Moon is in Sagittarius in your 8th house at the start of 2014

2014 has some bad news for Taurus. Business or other sorts of new ventures may not delivered the desired return. It is better for you to keep away from taking risks as the time is not in your favor. There can be some concern regarding the health of family members and you must avoid financial losses by avoiding speculative activities. Your professional as well as personal life would be hampered by your opponents. Health problems may arise from cold and fever. It is better to keep away from water as it may put you in danger.

Mars is in Virgo in your 5th house at the start of 2014

Sickness of family members is something that would bother you during this period. Tours are not going to fetch you any gain and hence it is better to avoid them. You will also have to be very careful regarding your expenses as indications are that you may have to make a lot of unnecessary expenditure. Your discrimination and your ability to judge people and situations may diminish and you will have to be quite cautious even while dealing with your friends. You may experience some cardiac trouble and can harm yourself with fire.

Mercury is in Sagittarius in your 8th house at the start of 2014

There is no use of stretching your luck beyond limits. This would only complicate situations. Money would be locked in various channels and so you may have to suffer some diffi9culty regarding financial matters. During this period your health may bother you as you may experience viral fever, eye-sore, phlegmatic problems and cough. You have to be extra careful while you communicate with your friends, associates, colleagues and relatives. There may be some dispute over some petty issues and you will have to handle those situations very carefully. It is better to avoid travelling from one place to another because it is not going to bring any monetary gain.

Jupiter is in Gemini in your 2nd house at the start of 2014

This is high time you show people your musical talents. There are also chances that you will create musical pieces. Your higher principles would find a vent in all spheres of life. During this period you can expect monetary returns if you find a way to put ideas into practice. You will gain an edge over your enemies who would no longer be able to harm you. The number of members in your family would increase and happiness would prevail in your life during this period.

Venus is in Capricorn in your 9th house at the start of 2014

You can visit a holy place. You can also develop your relationship with all those whom you know. It is high time that you revisit your business relationships and establishing new relationships can prove to be fruitful for you. You will face improvements in your professional life and you are likely to have promotions at your office. There is also possibility that you will be able to buy a new car or acquire a news property. This period would bring happiness and content in your life.

Saturn is in Libra in your 6th house at the start of 2014

Your high energy would attract a lot of people towards you. They will support you a lot to make your life much better. Your rivals and enemies are going to get a fitting reply and would cease to bother you. You will be able to maintain the balance of life along with your friends, family and colleagues. You will come across new methods to improve your communication skill as well as your job skills. You colleagues would support you in every possible way and you are going to be extremely lucky in financial matters. You can be free of any health concern and can also buy property during this period. However, you would have to pay attention towards your own personal needs.

Rahu is in Libra in your 6th house at the start of 2014

This period is best for you to start new ventures and seal profitable deals. You may easily find finances for repaying the loans that you have applied for. Your family life and your professional life will be in perfect harmony and you would not have to face problems regarding anything. Though some minor health issues can bother you, they will never hamper your life. You can finally fulfill your desires, though you may have to struggle for that. Your financial problems would be sorted out and you will be the winner in any competition.

Ketu is in Aries in your 12th house at the start of 2014

During this period success may not come as easily as you think. Unnecessary expenses may take a toll on your finances and so it is better to avoid speculative businesses. In professional life the burden would be huge you will have to struggle to give the desired output. Your enemies may also try to bother you and disrupt your activities. Health is going to be a concern for you and you may also have to face trouble in family matters.


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