Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dhanu Rashi or sagittarius in your zodiac sign from astrovalley

Dhanu Rashi

Guru or Jupiter being the ruling planet, people belonging to Dhanu Rashi are generally quite different from others. The Nakshatras that make up this Rashi are Mool, Poorvashada and Uttarshada. People with this Rashi strictly follow their principle, religion and ethics. They are to their family what heart is to the body. In general people with Dhanu Rashi take care of others and are the sole bread winner for their family. Their attitude towards life is more like a happy-go-lucky kind and they also posses great potentials. Success comes easily to them as they are never reluctant to undertake a job no matter how lofty it may seem.

Their actions help them gain popularity among others and their intelligence is admired by all. They are enterprising in nature which makes them almost unbeatable in their professional field. Their logical approach towards a situation helps them solve all sorts of problems quite easily. People with Dhanu Rashi can also exhibit certain traits of leadership at times, trying to harmonize conflicting cords and making efforts to take all along with them. Their optimism is a source of strength for themselves as well as for those who are around. Being truthful is in their psyche and so they can make excellent partners in different spheres of life. They are also known for being generous and can easily alleviate the pain of others.

People with Dhanu Rashi are generally free spirited and they just love independence. However, this must not be taken as being self-centered as they find utmost pleasure in helping others. Virtues of loyalty and modesty are very common in them and they think these virtues to be a part of life. Through their hard work, charming personality and diligence they are able to achieve their goal at a very early stage in life. They generally tend to inherit wealth and do not have to work to acquire them.

People with Dhanu Rashi can be easily identified with their long neck and have attractive body parts. Their soft nature makes them quite popular among people. They can be very good friends as they know the value of friendship. However, their over-enthusiasm and lack of prudency in some cases put them in trouble frequently. Their honesty can be easily made use of and they are vulnerable to betrayals.

People of Dhanu Rashi can be great lovers and can be an ideal partner for people with identical mentality. They are honest though these short temper may become a source of annoyance at times. They like to pursue their ideals and principles and once they are on their course there is hardly anything that can set them off the track. Checking Dhanu Rashi compatibility can help people who which Rashis go with this one.


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