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Career in finance career horoscope from his zodiac signs

Career in Finance

Career horoscope that influence the Career in Finance:

Whether a person will be successful with his career in finance, i.e. the banking sector is determined by the birth chart. Studying his date, time and place of birth and developing a natal chart according to that information helps to forecast the future of the native regarding his or her career related to finance. Banking services are part of commerce background and Mercury is the significant factor for commerce and finance. Jupiter is the influence factor for knowledge and growth, Venus is the factor for handling Money or Cash or Finance and Saturn signifies dealing or transactions with the public in form of debt, bonds and loans. These above planets placed in certain houses will give the person inclination to work and build a career in finance.

People belonging to zodiac signs like Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius are more likely to succeed in banking profession than others.

The following career horoscope combinations decide whether a person will enter the finance sector and become successful.

o    As per astrology in India, Mercury and Jupiter if in the 4th, 5th or 10th house, then the native is more prone to get a career in Finance.

o    The 4th house is significant for education, the 5th house is seen for dealings with the public, the 9th house influences higher education, the 6th house is to be seen for service and the 10th house is the influential factor for a career in public sector. If they are in coordination with each other, finance career is to be good.

o    If the 11th house or its lord receives aspects from Jupiter and Mercury and supports the planets occupying the diagonal positions to it, then the person will earn his income from the banking sector.
o    If lord residing in the 4th or the 9th house which is ruled by either Mercury or Jupiter has an aspect with the 10th house, then it can result a career in banking. If Sun is involved in the above combination, then the person has a chance to become an officer of the bank. If Sun occupies Leo in the 10th or 11th house along with the above combination then the person can get promoted in a banking job.

o    If Venus is the lord of 4th, 9th or 10th house, then the native is supposedly to handle cash transactions in the bank. Again the strength of the Sun will determine the rise in the person’s career.
o    If Saturn is the lord of 4th or 5th house and it aspects to occupy the 10th or 11th house, then public sector banking is the job for him to prosper professionally.

o    If Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are strong and involved with the 10th house then the person can become an economist by his profession.

Thus, horoscope can show how a person is oriented to money, with money and for money.


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