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Career Astrology: Become a Journalist

Career Astrology: Become a Journalist 
A large number of professions are available in the world and one has to make a very careful choice from a large number of options. Some professions are associated with creating new things while some are associated with managing wealth. We shall take a look at what it takes to be a journalist.
Career astrology, In order to be a journalist one has to have the influence of Goddess Saraswati rather than Goddess Laxmi. Being a journalist requires a person to be good with pen and this power comes with the blessings of Saraswati. A journalist must have the ability to impress the people with his writings. With the blessings of Goddess Saraswati a journalist can easily earn fame.

In Career Astrology, Mercury is regarded as the chief supporter of pen and Mars of ink. As these two planets converge they create an auspicious Yoga for the profession of journalism. Moreover, Jupiter can also have a positive influence on the person.   

1.   Important Houses: The Third, Fifth and the Tenth House
In the birth chart, the 3rd house is regarded as the house of communication. The ability of a person to communicate with others depends on this house. The communication can be through various media. In Career Astrology  the fifth house imparts the power to speak convincingly and the 10th house indicates the career. In order to be a journalist a person needs to have positive effects from all these three houses.

2.   Important Planets: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter
In Career astrology Mercury is regarded as the planet for communications and expression. When Mercury works along with Mars, the person is likely to emerge as a successful journalist. In addition to this the influence of Jupiter also plays an important role in the profession. Jupiter is regarded as the Kaarak of fame and wealth. When it rests in an auspicious house it has an auspicious effect.

3. Career Astrology;  Amatyakaarak Planet: Venus, Rahu, Saturn or Jupiter
The Amatyakaarak has an influence on the career of a journalist. When Venus is the Amatyakaarak and Moon has an influence on the planet, the person is likely to shine in the visual media. He can start through a profession behind camera and gradually proceed into other fields like scriptwriting for films and television channels. In  astrology when Amatyakaarak is influenced by Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu also works a lot to make a person a journalist. In case Jupiter or Saturn is a Amatyakaarak planet the person will see a good fortune in print media. The influence of Mercury and mars also needs to be taken into account.

4.   Navamsh Kundali and Dashmansh Kundali
It is important to check the Navamsh Kundali instead of analyzing only the birth chart to determine the field of occupation. Astrologers must take the Navamsh Kundali into account in order to make a prediction about the occupation. In addition to it the Dashmansh Kundali offers a depper insight into the potential occupation. If any two charts indicate possible fame and wealth in the field of journalism a person can easily go for the job.

5.   Career Astrology; Directions and Transit
The Yogas that are there on the birth chart indicates the occupation that a person is likely to pursue in future. The position of the planets as well as their influence on the person is important as is the double transit of the Lord of the 10th house.

6.   Other Yoga
Successful journalists must have their 3rd house in a strong position. The Amatyakaarak planet has to be quite strong aswell.


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