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Career astrology: Become a Businessman

Career astrology: Become a Businessman  
Perfect planetary combinations are necessary for a person to become a successful businessman. Hence, it is essential to know which planetary combinations are suitable for business.

Planetary Combinations in the Birth Chart

1. The relationship of the Trine house of the Kendra with the Raj Yoga on the birth chart is auspicious for business. At the same time. if the 2nd house or the 11th house is in a relationship with the Lord of the Trine or the Kendra, the person will be able to earn quite a good amount of money. Raj Yoga can influence the Dhan Yoga, thus resulting in good fortune and money.

2. When Mercury, Venus and Jupiter influence the Kendra the birth chart has a Yoga to earn money. More, when the Sun is in the 11th house there is a high chance of earning a good amount of money.

3.In order to be a successful businessman a person must have Dhan Yoga, Panch Mahapurush Yoga and Raj Yoga on his birth chart astrology.

4.Aries Ascendant and Mars as the Ascendant Lord exalt in the 10th house to form the Kuldeepak Yoga and ruchak Yoga when Mercury is located with Mars or Sun is the 5th lord, Jupiter supports the 9th Lord from the second house, Moon is the fourth Lord and Venus the seventh Lord. It exalts Rahu in the Ascendant and Saturn is located in the 9th house as the Lord of the 11th or 10th house. this will impart strength, will power and ambition in a person who can easily become a businessman.

5. A person who is Taurus Ascendant can easily expand his business and earn money, wealth and fame if the Ascendant is aspected by the 2nd and the 4th lord, Saturn sits in the 11th house as the Yoga Kaarak planet, Jupiter and rahu are in the 10th and 7th house respectively and if Venus and Mars together reside in the 2nd house.

6.Those who are Cancer Ascendant and have Jupiter and Venus resting in the Ascendant can earn wealth and fame if Sun is in the 11th house and mars is in the 3rd house. Moreover, Moon also has to be in 2nd house and Saturn should be in the 9th house as the seventh Lord.


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