Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Marriage Compatibility in horoscope decided by way of Porutham Analysis

Establishing compatibility of two people willing to unite by way of marriage is one of the most crucial tasks that needs to be accomplished before any further marriage preparations are made and this daunting task is done by checking the Marriage Compatibility in horoscope of both the parties which finally leads to the decision whether the marriage can be solemnized or not.
While Western principles follow various means of establishing compatibility between the two people, in India, Vedic principles are followed for the same and the two most distinguishing procedures that are followed in Northern and Southern India are the Ashtkoot Milan and Porutham Matching respectively. 
While in checking the Marriage Compatibility in horoscope in Northern India, eight gunas are taken into account, in South India, 10 Poruthams form the basis of all compatibility calculations. Though in ancient India the number of Poruthams defined by the sages were 20, in the modern compatibility tests only 10 are taken into account and these poruthams which can be interchangeably called Gunas are mahendram,  ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, rajju, dinam, vedha, vasya, and stree deergham.
Of these ten Poruthams, two that are considered most important are Rajju and Dhinam and the other five that are closely scrutinized are Ganam, Rajju, Dhinam, Raasi and Yoni as basis the natural tendencies of the boy and girl contemplating marriage and the characteristics shown by these Poruthams, a suitable match is decided.
Not only the Poruthams or kootas, even the mangal dosha or position of Mars and the position of Lunar Nodes are taken into account when checking for Marriage Compatibility in horoscope as these heavenly bodies are also known to influence the traits of individuals which eventually may impact their dealing with their partners in marriage.
Marriage Compatibility in horoscope can well be determined by way of various methods of natal charts comparison but it is also important to understand that no matter how compatible a horoscope is, external influences can always positively or negatively influence a person’s attitude towards life and thus his behavior with fellow human beings due to which even other societal factors should be looked into before finalizing a match for marriage.
Having said this, it is also important to note that no matter how incompatible two horoscopes may be, if it is love that drives the match then there can be absolutely no question of denying the match as love is known to eliminate all obstacles in life. This little word of caution was also important as many times great family discords arise out of not agreeing or agreeing to go by various marriage compatibility tests which can always be avoided simply by looking at the practical side of astrology and considering it as a helping hand and not a bone of contention.


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