Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Free Online Marriage Compatibility Tests Can Form the Basis of Further Astrological Scrutiny Before Marriage

Marriage compatibility tests and advice probably form the most important part of all astrological studies due to which along with consulting reputed astrologers more and more people are taking the help of Free Online Marriage Compatibility tests.
Marriage binds two people into a relationship that is way more than just co-existence due to which it needs due evaluation of each partner’s characteristic traits as well as natal charts. As most people already do, along with seeking the opinion of expert astrologers they go for Free Online Marriage Compatibility tests which are also based on very scientific methods. The basis of these compatibility tests lie in the ancient Vedic principle of the Ashtkoot Milan in which the eight Gunas of the people in question are analyzed individually and then pitted against each other.
Along with the conventional marriage compatibility tests, even the Free Online Marriage Compatibility tests take into account the study of the natal charts also known as the Kundali as well as the study of the guardian constellations known as Nakshatras. Websites offering these testing services have state of the art tools with the use of which people planning to tie the knot can get a comprehensive overview of the lives they may have together and their conflicting as well as matching traits.
It is however to be taken into account here that while Free Online Marriage Compatibility test results are often good indicators of the suitability of the match, various other factors like the position of the Lunar Nodes (known as Rahu and Ketu) and that of Mars(Mangal) need to be taken into account before zeroing down on a decision due to which it is always suggested that taking the online test results as a basis, further evaluation be done with the help of experience astrologers.
Many may assume that the marriage compatibility tests cannot be of any help to married couples but if practically evaluated, these tests can even help people who are married as with the score of compatibility established, they can always try out certain remedial procedures that can always mend the damage done and establish a harmonious relationship.
It is thus to be noted here that, married or not married, compatibility tests act as a very good indicator of compatibility which can be used to either pep up an already formed relationship as well as weigh the pros and cons of a relationship that may be in its initial introductory phase.


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